The Paintings: Call to Arms by Leigton

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2006 at 3:59 PM
Another of the Paintings series

Edmund Leighton was born in 1853, the son of painter Charles Blair Leighton. Edmund studied at the Royal Academy Schools.
While he painted some modern scenes, he is best known for his romantic, medieval paintings. These usually focus on young knights in armor, and young maidens with long, flowing hair and beautifully textured dresses.
His best known work is "The Accolade".

These clothes are based on the painting "Call to arms".

As a detail, the knight wears the same costume as the knight painted in "The Accolade"

Tecnical Details:

Mesh men: K8parsmaccoutier 140206 (Parcimonious)
Mesh Knight (am_leightonAccolade): Male Loincloth (tiggerypum)
Mesh Cape: generalzoi
Mesh Lady: Maxis (needs Nightlife)