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Mad Scientists' Large Home and Laboratory

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2006 at 8:45 PM
I was inspired by the wonderful mad scientists' home created by nengi65 and available on this thread, but in my own game I wanted to create a larger home for a bigger Sim family and a legacy of mad scientists.

I worked on it a long time, and I'd love to share it with you!

This home and lab features two double bedrooms, three single bedrooms, two baths, a nursery, kitchen/dining and living areas upstairs. An elevator leads to the lab below, where you will find many work areas for research, study, and developing skill points, as well as a dungeonlike cell for keeping your test subjects out of trouble. There is an outside entrance to the laboratory, guarded by a cowplant, so interlopers beware!


I have all the EP's including Pets, and it is safe to say this lot requires all of them.

Let it be known that I created absolutely nothing in this lot and I do not claim any of the content as mine. I just put it all together, lol.

Custom content credits: (You all RAWK!)

Bink13y for the lab walls and floors used.

Paleoanth for the Mad Scientist set objects used.

Katy_76 for the useable microscope and recolor. MESH NEEDED. Found here: http://www.pc-sims.com/smb/showthread.php?t=3693

Crocobaura for the Chemistry Lab objects.

JohnBrehautl for the Medical Set objects

Boblishman for the IV drip and recolor.