Exquisite Shelves and Glass Shelves

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Uploaded 12th Dec 2006 at 10:56 PM · Updated 17th Oct 2008 at 12:44 PM by -Maylin-

Description and info:

These pretty little shelves evolved from another project I am working on at the moment. They feature a shiny metal frame and either glass or wooden shelves, and come in either a slim or a standard size. A matching pedestal is included with each main variation.

By design they are non-tiling, meaning that if you place them side by side the edges do not meet up and overlap the way squared business shelves do. They are more decorative and a little higher poly than normal, and intended to be used in the home or as accent pieces, though if you really want to use them in a business then nothing is stopping you.

The slim version is my favorite--it's a little smaller than usual, so has a great "out of the way" feel to it, and is ideal for medium sized objects such as toys, hence why I called it a toyshelf in game. The standard size is as bulky as usual, and in my opinion not as pretty for it, but does hold all sizes of objects well and is more "general purpose."

The metal frames come in three colors, gold, black, and white, and the wooden shelves have these recolors: pine, varnished pine, white, and candy striped.

Poly Count:

Exquisite Shelves
Polys: 1618
Verts: 861

Exquisite Pedestals
Polys: 1085
Verts: 579

The glass toyshelf:

The wooden toyshelf; default brown wood:

Pine recolors:

The return of my favorite, the candy stripe! Perfect toyshelf color.

The three basic frame colors:

Pedestals, slim and standard size:

Usage: If you recolor, link here for the mesh. You may include with uploaded lots. Meshes and textures are free to be altered and reuploaded as long as you drop me a pm, keep it on a free site and credit me for what I've done.