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Don't wash dishes in my bathroom! [abandoned]

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Uploaded 18th Dec 2006 at 12:44 AM · Updated 16th Oct 2008 at 6:34 AM by Marhis : Updated to abandoned

16 October 2008
I will not update this hack anymore, because there's now a way better solution: No Dishes in Bathroom by J.M. Pescado at MATY. Yay!

This tiny hack affects all the original sinks in game, but not the custom ones.
I addeed a pdf tutorial to download, which explains how to apply the same modification to custom sinks.

In a nutshell, it prevents sims from dish washing in all sinks but 2, usually put in kitchen counters.

If no dishwasher is present, or is busy, sims will dispose dishes in the trash, instead of walking to the en-suite bathroom on the third floor :D.

Credits for this stuff are all due to MaryLou, whose idea and explainations I read about some time ago; I have only made the manual work and put it in a package.

I've made different packaging of this hack, for easier use:
- = all sinks but counter's octagonal and kitchen labeled ones.
- = only sinks with pedestal (all counter sinks will be allowed for dish washing).
- = single packages with 1 sink type each, useful for mix and match according to your preferences.

All the sinks hacked with this should be from base game; if my memory is wrong please let me know, so I may correct.

For easier recognizability, this is the name convention I used for sinks:

quaintpedestal       "Garden Fresh" Pedestal Sink
quaintcounter        Floral Sink
colonialpedestal     Victor Victorian Pedestal Sink
colonialcounter      Filigree Facebowl by Imperial Plumbing Works
loftpedestal         Imperial Lyon Basin
loftcounter          Imperial Plumbing Works Tivoli Basin
clubcounter          Hydronomic CleenSheen Basin
octagonal            Simple Sink from Krampft Industries

Type: Object Mods

Tags: #sink, #dishwash, #dish