The Millionaire's Palace

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2006 at 5:17 AM
Updated: 2nd Feb 2009 at 11:14 AM
The Millionaire’s Palace

My first upload is finally finished after more than a month of work!

It is an amazingly huge mansion including everything you can imagine on 7 floors for the price of over 1.200.000!!
Perfect working layout, every room fully furnished with a classical sophisticated design.

18 rooms, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 half-baths, 14 fireplaces, 6 car garage, indoor and outdoor pool, gym, 3 lane bowling alley, cinema, disco, shark pool, huge floor to ceiling aquariums, helicopter landing pad and lots of balconies and terraces.

2 underground garages with space for a stretch-limousine and 4 cars,

3 lane bowling alley and entertainment area, dance floor and powder room

Grand hall with huge floor to ceiling aquarium

Cinema over two underground floors for 2 story high flat screen

1st floor:
Entrance hall with indoor fountain and columns, grand stair, huge chandeliers, murals and frescos and gallery over 3 floors

Marble hallways with columns and lots of art work,


adjacent formal dining room

Formal Living room with bar area,

library with game area, terrace access and direct access to entertainment area in basement

The music room

the billiard room

TV - and entertainment room,

indoor pool, hot tub, recreation area with fire place and glass floor with shark pool underneath, floor to ceiling aquarium adjacent to the TV and billiard room

access to Sauna in basement which has a glass wall with view into the shark pool

Outdoor pool, large surrounding terrace with hot tub
BBQ plus outdoor dining area

2nd floor:
Master suite

seating room with TV

large bathroom, hot tub, walk in shower, double vanities, 2 walk in closets


2 large Bedrooms (one furnished as a nursery) all with bath en suite, fireplaces, seating area and balconies

Family room with entertainment center and balcony

3rd floor:
2 big bedrooms, each with bathrooms en suite, seating area and fire place
Access to helicopter landing pad and roof garden

4th floor:
Loft style bedroom with bathroom, kitchenette and surrounding terrace with roof garden

5th floor:
The lookout

I would like to thank following creators, whose custom content I used and which gave me so much inspiration to build this house:

UPDATE 01/06/07: I now brought the used CC in an order, and uploaded the file again, some more CC is included now, for example Wallcovers! The visible ceiling tiles are also included, so there shouldnt be any more hanging plants instead of the ceiling!
I couldn’t include all the CC, as the file would get amazingly huge, and there is a 10MB limit on here!
(Bold ones are included in the download, all the other ones are not included, and you can download them, if you want the house to look like in the pictures. Cursive ones are from The Sims Resource, also not included and probably to pay!)

Stately Lions by gromit
Angel by kleoscanti
Sarcophagus of Pharaoh Xanathep I. by xanathon
Tutankhamun by gromit
Grim Statue by Clockwork JB
Grim Statue – Recolors by KendallNightblade
Church Statue by DBCAB
Nefertiti by gromit
Just One Of Those Knights by gromit

Decoration (Misc)
Tie-Back Curtain Recolor by zedrik
Wonderful OFB Modern Fountain by Ailias
Planet Fitness Gym Set by AbstractSIMmer187
Decorative plates by luslipz73
decoplates recolor by Luslipz73
Firescreens by Reyn
Flower Arrangements by macarossi
Bird Bath by MissWendy
My sweet vases collection by Ailias
Curtain Galore Recolor by Josie75
Gladiolus in Glass Vase by naschev
Candle Sticks & Holders by KimT
Plant Stand & Plant by boblishman
DECORATIVE Helicopter by Fresh-Prince
Custom Built Aquarium by winkeeper
Large Terracotta Amphora by windkeeper
Swan Lake by windkeeper
Fantasy Garden Fountain by NewSimSimGirl

Decoration (Paintings)
Alphonse Mucha - The 4 Seasons by porkypine
Oval Perfection by justmoi
Majestic Raven Painting by justmoi
Majestic Raven Recolor by justmoi
The Mona Lisa by RakuOA
Medieval banner pack by Lethe_s
Sunstone by simfreaks
Madonna of the Goldfinch by Raphael by Daniel=)

Jet Spa – Sunken Spa by mickyss
Underground Shower Tech by Half Pint
Elegancy Freestanding Communal Shower by SimtopiX
tub by simsistic
Bathroom ROM by Frances

Wall Window glass set V.3 by Numenor
Lafenetre Nostalgia by windkeeper
2 Story Window Mesh - Versailles Window II by simnuts101

Buyable Servo v2.0 by monique
Modern Style Double Oven by noeidog
Antique Table Phone by HystericalParoxysm
Mega TV by johnr2000
Traditional (animated) French Mantle Clock by boblishman
Sunair T241 SKW Laptop by Sunair

Classical Piano Version 2 by pacotacoplayer
Piano Re-Colors by pacotacoplayer
black leather gym by Nicolafred

Grandfather Clock Recolor Set by alecrox12
Closet System by thefuzmixman
Sofa of Substance Recolors by IgnorantBliss
Romantic Garden set by -Maylin-
Romance Garden - Daisy recolour by Loverat
Modern Bibliotheque by Ailias
Blushing Brides Boudour/Bedroom Set by funkeymonkey22003
white and gold curvaceous tables by zillah
Vintage Livingroom Set by crowridgestudio
Corner Table Cabinets by Little_Tx_Mama
More Black and White Chairs by juan
Lounge Chair Recolors by glittergirl7189
Oasi Livingroom Bookcase Mesh by Norbi_N
Oasi Livingroom Bookcase Recolor 02 by Norbi_N
15 Luxiary King Armchairs Recolor by cosmikchyc
Victorian inspired creations by Cashcraft

Retrofact by Sluvah

kitchen by Solander
Solander's Kitchen recolor by Harpy0
Cotswold kitchen set by Mummysim
HOMELY Kitchen Set by simtomatic

Painted Walls w/Crown Molding by moononsun
Solbacka-wallpaper by Delenn
Green & Yellow Marble Bdr by netseeker2
Set of 14 Tapestries by Starangel13
Flora Stone Wall and Floor Set by HystericalParoxysm
D2DClover Wall & Floor Sets by D2Diamond
Golden Marbel Walls by doffman
Victorian/Country Wall collection by nengi65
Dark Acanthus Walls by KalicoKat
New marble & stucco work by royal_david
Maxis match Nouveau fence & gate by nihilin
Visible Ceiling Tiles Version 3.0 by jgwhiteus
Malkavian mansion ceiling tiles recolors by Dektora

Invisible Driveway & Extensions by roddyaleixo
Last Judgement by ngrand78
The creation by ngrand78
Gold Medallion on Burgundy by netseeker2
Light Blue Damask Walls with White Trim by scfiregirl25

Chandelier by joesemsims
Bigger Chandelier by joesemsims

Two Maxis Outdoor Light Recolors by worship4ever0227
Artemide "Chimera" by Numenor
Microlight by winkeeper

Spiral Staircase by XxHalfBloodPrincexX
Big stairs by derMarcel

white marble fireplace by lilsweetiecori

Mediterranean (Italian) Cypress by xrax

The Transatlantic by Numenor
BMW 530i E60 by bonus
Drivable koenigsegg by DBCAB
Harley Davidson – MotorBike by mickyss
Lexus LF-A Concept Car by sdalhaus
Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster by cevic

thank you also to following creators of the beautiful outfits I used on my Sims for the snapshots!
jooxis84 6

You will need all EPs and SPs as well as a fast computer to play this house!
I hope some of you can still download and enjoy this lot!