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Little Lakeside - Island Retreat!

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2007 at 1:22 AM
Have a sim that's obsessed with the sea? Need a sim to be isolated from civilization? Send them here! One hut on its personal island, completely surrounded by water awaits.

Lot looks best if placed along the coast - specifically the coast of the Bluewater Village land type neighborhoods. Then you'll experience the lot in it's full glory, with the water actually connecting to the sea in the neighborhood. The lot will work if you decide to place it inland, it'll just look a bit odd with it's own personal lake in the middle of a field.

For small families (1-2 sims), 2 story house, one bedroom, one bathroom, connected to civilization by a small bridge, no driveway/garage, 4x4 lot, $46,098.

Check below for a picture to show the lot in the neighborhood view and in lot view - proves that the lot is surrounded by water! There's another pic that shows what the lot looks like if you don't place it along the coast - it looks like the house is in the middle of a lake!

I got the idea for this lot, plus a tutorial here Big thanks Eedgan!

NO hacks, mods, or any other custom content are included or required.