"Seraph" Curly Hair for Females (All Ages!)

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2007 at 12:38 PM
Updated: 25th Aug 2014 at 1:06 PM
At long-last, I am pleased to bring you the female version of my wildly-successful Cherub hair for males. The mesh is pretty much the same for males as females - I just did a bit of sculpting here and there to give the hairline a bit more feminine look, and of course refit it otherwise to the female head. It's a fun style which looks especially nice on sims with darker skintones.

It is available for all ages: toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder, with the same colours for all ages (no grey elders!)

I have uploaded the mesh separately from the recolours: make sure you grab the recolours and a mesh file (read below for important info on that!). The contents are labeled so you can delete any recolours you don't want. All shades have fixed brow colours (blonde for the white, all appropriate brows for the natural colours) and the natural shades work genetically, in the correct colour bins.

2900 polygons, 3257 vertices (on the higher side, but within normal/Maxis range).

Which mesh file to download?

If you already have my Cherub hair for males, or are getting it along with this hair, download the file that starts with HMESH that says "Add-On_to_Cherub" in the filename. This uses the same mesh for the child and toddler as the male version, and there's no sense in having duplicate meshes if you don't need them.

If you do not have my Cherub hair for males and are not planning on getting it, download the file that starts with HMESH that includes "Standalone" in the filename. This includes the meshes for the child and toddler version, so this will work properly for all ages even if you have not gotten my Cherub mesh for males.


If you have downloaded previously and experienced issue with the teen version on the red recolour, please download the "Red-TeenFixed.rar" file - the file within has the same name as the original, so if you extract it to the same directory, tell it Yes to overwrite the existing file. This file has been updated in the main recolour .rar so if you are downloading for the first time, just get that one.

Please don't comment if you're just going to request something: I don't take requests unless otherwise noted.

Model Credits: The model for this hair is my sim Claudia with a bit different content. She's, um, ugly as a child and absolutely hideous as a toddler... hence the slightly odd angles and lighting on those, trying to minimize the fact that she looked just like Chuckie as a toddler...

Her eyes are by Pinstruck at InSIM, makeup and brows by Helaene, smoothing foundation for Enayla's skintone by alkaloid, additional foundation by Barcelonista, clothing by AllAboutStyle, and her jewelry is unreleased, by me, on Dr Pixel's alpha mesh.

Thanks to:
  • Tiggerypum, for teaching me so much about meshing.
  • Melodie9, for the all ages mhairpgpunk, used to clone this so I could make it work properly for all ages.
  • Wes_h, for the Unimesh plugins for Milkshape, used in the creation of this mesh.
  • Dr Pixel, for all kinds of various bits of useful meshing info that have helped me along the way.
  • Everyone who has contributed to the creation and development of SimPE.
  • MTS2, the rest of the staff, and Delphy, for creating a such a fantastic place to learn and share information, so I could figure out how to do cool stuff like this.