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The "always pure" Black familly Home

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2007 at 9:28 AM
Updated: 8th Jan 2007 at 6:50 AM
While I know there is other Grimmaurd place, I also know that each and every brains has their own ways of seeing the books described home for the "pure blood Black lineage". This is my interpretation, it can well enough be taken for a simple rich man manor. :p

I just tought it would be cool to add a secret room where the blacks could use their naughty tricks into without being detected behind the lady portrait of that old lady. By lack of finding the resources, I ended up using the greatest door ever; the fat lady portrait.

Some Housing informations:
Over 20k (not starter house)
5x6 lot
5 stories high: incuding basement and attic.

Basement: Kitchen with utility table.
First floor: Living, bathroom, dinning room, game room, entrance and secret Dark art room.
Second floor: Bedrooms, a small study, a bigger study with library, Hall over entrance, 2 hallways, bathroom.
Thirf floor: Multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, music hall.
Attic: 2 seperate space for storage.

I did my best to stay in maxis content, and yet still have a few items to quote for credit, go visit them and give them thanks for their hard work:

Sirius Black Wanted Poster Found ->Here<-

'The Fat Lady' Painting door found ->Here<-

Black wall tiles for bathrooms ("Abala") from Mango-Sims


Black portraits: found ->here<-

Hogwards pictures: found ->here<-

Mrs. Black portrait: found ->here<-