Soo Soo Recording Studio (Updated: Jan. 28, 2015)

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2007 at 12:33 AM
Updated: 30th Jan 2015 at 9:51 PM - added an updated version
Update Jan. 28, 2015:

It has come to my attention that the All EPs version is causing the game to crash, so I'm uploading a new version. The new lot is for All EPs, but I am only including the wall files with the lot. It will be up to you to download and add other custom content, since I'm not sure if it was custom content that caused the problem with the lot. For best results, download the new Updated All EPs version or the No EPs version.

This was a requested lot. I have no personal experience with recording studios, so I hope it is fairly realistic-looking. A single sim or a couple could use this as a recording studio home business, or it could be changed to a community lot. It should work well as a venue. Without OFB you could still get some money for tips, and/or you could put in pay doors and a pay buffet such as those from Simlogical.

3x2 residential lot - $210K ($106K for No EP Version)

1 bedroom
1 bath

Downstairs is the business part of the lot to include:
2 public restrooms
"green room" -- reception, living, kitchen and eating area
"control room"
"drum booth"
"vocal booth"
"live room"

Compatability Notes: I was able to build the No EP version of this lot thanks to Numenor's BaseGameStarter *PRO* program. The "All EP" Version requires all EP's and Stuff Packs (except Glamour Life). Please read this: If you don't have all the stuff packs, you may be able to install the ALL EPs version using Clean Installer.

If you have Nightlife (but not all the EP's) and want to add a driveway and extensions, here is a picture of the layout using the moveobjects on cheat:

You would then use an invisible recolor of the driveway pieces by roddyaleixo.

This lot was scanned with Clean Installer and is free from any hacks.

Included Custom Content:

Beveled Wood Paneling by HeartDeco
other walls made by me or cloned from Maxis walls

CC Not Included:

Ownable Limousine by Numenor

Retro Microphone V & Retro Microphone T by cokenasmile

gold records -- I can't identify who made the ones I used or where I downloaded them, but there are are 2 sources for gold records you can get here on MTS2:

by maree464
and by Living Dead Girl

house number set by [email protected]

Grand Piano & Music Stand by Zita at Aussie Topenders (set is halfway down the page of New Mesh Sets in Objects)

ClassicMusicRoom recolors by hopebayler

Round Rug by !Birgit43 for Sims

Music Room Rug recolor by hopebayler

HugeLunatic has a repository version of Bluetexasbonnie's round rug here and a piano recolor by HugeLunatic is here

Towel Rack by Yggdrasil

Invisible Driveway & Extensions by roddyaleixo

Many thanks to the talented and generous modders and creators listed above.

After installation, the sidewalk and driveway can be fixed using the moveobjects on cheat and placing tiles as shown: