Sims 4 Rent Project: Angel's New Year's Outfit (movie version)

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Uploaded 15th Jan 2007 at 8:55 AM

She was a Boy Scout once, and a Brownie - 'til some brat got scared. This is the movie version of Angel's New Year's outfit.

-New mesh by me [FaceCount = 6011, VertexCount = 5242]
-Shower curtain dress with rings and silver belt
-Orange flower-print turtleneck
-Flower-print tights
-Pink boots

Category in Game:
-Available for young adult and adult males only
-Appears in both Everyday and Formal as a whole outfit

-The dress and boots are reflective

Also Pictured but *NOT* Included:
(all of these are available for download either here at MTS2 or here at Sims 4 Rent)
-Full Angel Sim with Custom Skin v. 2.0
-Blonde New Year's Wig
-Dark Pink Lipstick
-New Year's Eye Makeup
-New Year's Earrings
-French Tip Nails

Terms of Use:
-Please do *not* upload my files (this includes meshes, recolors, and textures) to any other website, personal or otherwise.
-Please do not reuse any of my original (ie. non-Maxis) textures as part of other projects

Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!

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