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Early 20th Century Gothic

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2007 at 6:11 AM
Updated: 2nd Nov 2007 at 6:35 AM
My love of high-English architecture in all aspects is relatively unparalleled, so I began building this little gem a while ago and after forgetting about its existence, rekindled its construction. =3 It can comfortably accommodate between six and eight sims, boasting 24 rooms, including five bedrooms and four baths with the possibility of one or more of either, lounge, study, library, ballroom, conservatory, music room and low maintenance but attractive grounds. It sits on a 5x3 lot and will set your simmies back a none-too-hefty 178,699 simoleans, unfurnished.
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As always, many thanks to these creators & their wonderful creations:
(custom content included)

H0LY SIM0LY -- "Rendered Stone" wall
PARSIM0NI0US -- "Golden Goose Compliment" wall
"Reinforced Brick" and "London's Red Chimney Bricks" -- part of the Slacking Maxis collection (ahmird2; sorry, no link)

MARINA'S SIMS -- "Medieval Motivs" flooring
msDarcie0 -- "Marvelous Marble" flooring

MARINA'S SIMS -- Medieval columns (2), Gothic Fence, and Gothic Fence + Post
phoenix_phaerie -- Georgian Doors (build set)
DGandy -- Four panel double doors (+recol), Colonial Sconce
mia86 -- Casbah Fireplace w/o Chimney
TAR0X -- "Brace Yourself!" wall column (+recol)
BIENCHEN -- Dark Ages window
xrax -- Tall & Short Cypress trees
4EVERSIMFANTASY -- Antique Fireplace
SUNNI SIMS -- Patrician Stairs & Balustrade (+recol)
THE DREAM TEAM -- Grand Trianon Narrow & Double Arch (+recol)
_____ _ _____ _ _____ _ _____

Hope I didn't forget anything, or anyone, and I hope this house gives you and your sims generations of quality high-society living! ;]