Stellar Starters! 3 Themed, Fully Furnished Starters!

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2007 at 11:04 PM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2008 at 3:31 AM by General Oohoh
I present to you MTS2 another gift! Are you tired of the same old looking starter homes? Starters that are usually plain and tend to have no specific style. Well here are three themed starter homes! A Spanish, a Victorian, and a Modern starter home. All of which are fully furnished and look great. Small Space but Big Style! :D

Home: The Mission
Style: Spanish/Mission
Bedrooms/Baths: 1/1
Lot Size: 1x1
Price: $19,968

The Mission is a real cute little starter made for 1 to 2 sims. It has a living area and kitchen downstairs and an open area for bedroom upstairs, plus a bathroom. The home is pretty easy to play since it's so small, so any computer should be able to handle it. Have fun with it!


Home: The Victoria
Style: Victorian
Bedrooms/Baths: 4/2
Lot Size: 1x2
Price: $19,707

The Victoria is the only starter that your sim's family could grow in. It has three bedrooms plus a gameroom upstairs, so there's plenty of space in this one. There's even enough room in the back for a small hot-tub and patio. The upstairs is not furnished however since in the begenning you shouldn't have children quite yet. The downstairs, however, is totally furnished including the master bedroom and bath. Have fun with it!


Home: The Tetra
Style: Modern
Bedrooms/Bath: 1/1
Lot Size: 1x2
Price: $19,945

The Tetra is my favorite starter. It's a split level with the coolest design. It's very open with floor to ceiling windows. My favorite thing about the house is it's bedroom loft in the upstairs over looking the rest of the downstairs. It is also fully furnished with the exception of lights. I couldn't afford any more stuff. However with all it's windows you should be able to see fine. Just make enough money on your first day of work so you can by some lights before nightfall. Have fun with it!


Custom Content:
Fence by nihilin-->S1
Georgian Window by phoenix_phaerie-->S1
Lafenetre Windows by windkeeper-->S1 & S2
Shutters by JWoods--> S2
Terrain by Margiertyka-->S1, S2, & S3
The Le Petite Trianon Colection by simnuts101-->S2
Small Lots by MaryLou and Andy8104-->S1, S2, & S3

I had a lot of fun builden these and I hope that you have a lot a fun playen 'em. In the comments tell which ones are your favs and such and tell me if there are any problems.

Happy Simming! :D