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Rei's Home(Fatal Frame 3)

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Uploaded: 19th Jan 2007 at 6:51 PM
This lot is based on Rei Kurosawa's home, from the Fatal Frame 3 game. A home I am most fond of and like over all! ;p I have made a lot of effort into simming the home as loyal as possible to it's mother model.

I am hereby fournishing the empty house.
It's a 4x4 lot size,
over 20k(not starter home)-71 890 simoleons

A two level and a half home(split level):
(the half :p)Low level of first: Toilet
First level:
Dinning room with altar alcove and laundry storage(made with shelves)
Entrance/Hallway with the box storage
Black chamber for picture development
washroom/laundry/sink area
Living room
Second level: Yuu's room, Rei's room, Miku's room
Possible attic.

Some Maxis content were used, no need stating them.
Yet here is the Custom content included:

My custom walls made to be as precise as possible to the real game's walls.

The tatami used in the dinning room came from-->Here!<--
Just scroll all the way down, the set of tiles are the ones I used.

The small black doors -->Here<--
The set of 4 doors is the one.

Bigger ones(used for closets) -->Here<--

Even bigger(for the Tatami room) -->Here<--
The set called "Asia Light Room"

The wall covering for the altar in the tatami room is not included.

Hope you'll enjoy it!