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A cross for your Church and an updated wall crucifix (With new interactions)...

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2007 at 5:49 AM
Hi all,

Okay...I know I said I was done making the Jesus crosses. But I had a few requests come in, and it is rare that I turn down a request. As requested, I have made a new cross with no Jesus on it. I have added all the same interactions to this cross that are in my Jesus statue. I also decided to add the custom interactions for the big cross to a crusifix that I made a while ago for another site, also by request. You will find them both in the download bellow. I have learned how to add skill building to my object, thanks to Katy and a friend named Echo. Thanks to you both. So now, as your sim preaches, they will gain charisma points. There is no skill gain notification dialog yet. I'm still learning how to do that part. But you will gain the skill while preaching.

For those of you who don't have my Jesus statue, the new interactions are:

Plead with God
Pray for Forgiveness (ends with motive boost)
Preach to anyone that will Listen (Now, Gain Charasma skill during use)
Curse God (Very funny resulting animation)
Praise God

The preaching interaction has been removed from the crusifix, due to it not making sence for it to have one. I hope you all like this.

Face count:

Non-Jesus Cross = 1006 (About 500 per tile)
Crusifix = 809 (One tile object)

Please do not repost or post recolors of this object without my permission

If you like these objects, please take time to thank me and leave some feedback. I love seeing what you have to say!!!