Cordillera (Luxury Mediterranean Villa, 3 BR, 6 BA, Fully Furnished)

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2007 at 7:37 AM
Updated: 5th Feb 2007 at 1:05 AM
**This house has been updated!** There is now a clean version available that doesn't require FFP, as requested. See the note below.

Make your sims' dreams come true! This beautiful Mediterraean villa is a masterpiece of unexpected architecture and stunning views. Its bold design and breezy, open floor plan creates an inviting living space unlike any other.

Cordillera is fully furnished and decorated, and comes with a garage (complete with sportscar), and everything that a sim could wish for. Come check it out today and live in the lap of luxury!

-Unique, efficient layout with plenty of doors and windows
-Dramatic low Mediterranean-style roofs
-Fully landscaped with trees, fountains, and elegant courtyards
-An indoor swimming pool with a soaring 20-foot ceiling and a splashing fountain
-Lighting and decorative plants in every room
-Safe and secure with burglar alarms, fire alarms, and phones
-Each bedroom includes a private bath, walk-in closet, and a wardrobe with mirror
-The master suite includes his-and-hers walk-in closets and a sitting area with a bookshelf and ample light for reading
-This spacious villa can comfortably house six people, with plenty of room to expand and customize
-Going up? No more climbing stairs--take the elevator!
-And so much more--check it out for yourself!

Rooms not pictured below (but shown in the overview floor plan shot) include:
-Exercise room
-Three spacious guest bathrooms
-His-and-hers walk-in closets in the master suite
-A private toilet closet in the master bath
-An upstairs hallway with windows that offer a view of the grand solana

This elegant villa was inspired by my Arriosa house (see the link and picture of Arriosa below). You can see that the exterior of this house is very similar to Arriosa, though on a much smaller scale! The interior design of Cordillera is completely unique, though many of the themes are similar to Arriosa's. This is the third house in the Mediterranean series (and there are more in the works).

Lot Size: 4x4
Fully Furnished: $304,072
Fully Furnished Clean Version (No FFP required) $306,368

Photo Album

This stunning home is a masterpiece of unique architecture and carefully crafted details. The soaring cupola with its 30-foot ceiling really defines the timeless style of this villa!

Cordillera at night, with its many gorgeous stained glass windows and doors.

Enjoy a few moments of solitude in the peaceful side courtyard.

This sliding glass door creates a seamless transition between the refreshing breezes of the courtyard and Cordillera's inviting sanctuary.

The elegant foyer with its columned arches offers an impressive entry to this unforgettable home.

The cupola, with its breathtaking 30-foot ceiling, offers a striking view of the grand solana with its indoor pool and fountain.

Unexpected architecture creates interesting transitions between living areas and offers stunning views around every corner.

Cordillera's open, breezy floor plan gives the whole house an airy, expansive atmosphere. The unique style of this house is defined by warm stone floors and artful use of light and color.

Indulge your inner chef in the gourmet-caliber kitchen, which enjoys wide-open views of the casual living areas.

The formal dining room can seat up to eight people and comes complete with a buffet and wine table.

The luxurious indoor pool in the grand solana features a beautiful splashing fountain.

Relax in the comfortable leisure room with its state-of-the art media center and stunning view of the grand solana.

The well-appointed study comes complete with a sectional desk, computer, phone, and large reference library.

Enjoy a game of billiards with your friends and family in the upstairs loft.

The entire left wing of the home is dedicated to the private master retreat.

The luxurious master suite includes a sunny sitting area with a bookshelf for relaxing, and has private access to the grand solana and indoor pool.

Cordillera offers three spacious guest bathrooms, located on both floors, for maximum convenience.

The upstairs bedroom suites are roomy enough for a growing family, and each is decorated in its own individual style.

Each bedroom suite has beautiful stained glass windows for privacy.

Each bedroom suite comes with its own private bath, which includes both bathtub and shower.

Hit the town in style in this racy little sportscar!

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan


This house contains no hacks or custom content!

*You will need the Family Fun Pack to play this house as it is shown in the pictures.


As per request, however, I have included a clean version of Cordillera that doesn't require FFP. The FFP items have been replaced with ordinary game items (i.e., the globe with a plant, the spoked wheel with a decorative fan, etc.)

I will be including clean versions of each of my houses in the future where necessary. Please note, however, that I cannot remove expansions from the houses at this time.


Be sure to check out Arriosa, one of my most carefully crafted masterpieces! It took over two weeks of uninterrupted work, and you just have to see it to believe it! Arriosa is a luxury Spanish villa with a bold, open floor plan, elegant courtyards with refreshing views, and a dramatically landscaped pool.

Arriosa is here at last! Thank you to Delphy, Aquafina, Fresh Prince, and everyone who made this happen! Get Arriosa here:

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My Policy:
Feel free to use or modify any of my house designs, but only for personal use! Please do not upload them to other sites. And please don't modify my stuff and then try to upload it as your own--I often spend days at a time working on a really big project and take great pride in my work. (My Arriosa house alone took over two weeks of uninterrupted work, and used over a hundred individual cheats!)




Please be sure to check my profile page for any announcements about important issues or houses to be released next. Thank you!

*This post has been updated, but only to replace the rar file with a more widely accessible zip file, as requested. The actual files are exactly the same.