RPG's Drumming Career-Minor Update- Please re-download

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Uploaded: 27th Jan 2007 at 7:43 PM
Updated: 16th Feb 2007 at 8:52 PM
Minor uodate- levels adjusted, chance card preview.

Before i continue on with the details i must tell you that this is NOT MY WORK. RPG did all of the work as far as ideas were concerned. All i did was stuff it all into sim PE for him. i also managed to make the maxis drumset as a career award. It isn't playable. I can't figure out why, so you can use it as a decorative item for now. This was my first career with a custom reward. RPG is responsible for all of the levels, details, chance cards ect. His Policy-

Policy: I love people taking interest in my work, but don't put this on a pay site or any other site without permission and full credit. Also, unless otherwise noted, DO NOT EDIT OR UPLOAD MY WORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. If you have a suggestion for how I can make my mods better, PM me with the idea or asking for permission

Also don't forget to check out RPG's drum major for university found here


I also don't want this distibuted. The reward will sometimes cause a crash when it is veied for the first time. It should only happen once. If it happens more just remove the file "Drumkit_Reward"from your downloads folder. Other than that the career works fine. Now for the levels and thier descriptions...

Band “Maintenance Specialist” – You’re the band’s janitor. No, wait, you’re not that high yet. You’re the drummer’s janitor. Before you could ever play on a drumset, you need to know it well enough to play it with your eyes closed. How could do it better than the Sim that “maintains” it 5 times a day?

Beginning Drummer – Alright, you finally get to play! It sounds like a toddler got a hold of your sticks, but your skills will improve. Until then, you’d better buy your housemates some soundproof headphones.

Advancing Drummer – You’re getting up there! The notes you play actually sound like, well, notes. You housemates have finally taken off their soundproof headphones, but they still have them on standby, seeing how you’ve played previously!

Music Store Sales Manager – You’re a cashier. You sell music equipment to people who could just as easily have bought some mini-kit at Wal-Mart. They obviously don’t care about percussion as much as you do. Try not to pull your hair out.

Private Tutor – You’re starting to teach people how not to play like you have played. I guess you’re not that good yet, but like many tutors say, you only have to keep one lesson in front of the student!

Drummer for “The Sims feat. victor/Victoria” – Yes, you finally into a band. You’re scoring gigs and fans all over the place! Well, not yet, but you will be! Right now you’re what’s considered a “Garage Band”. Working your way up will take some skill, and some connections.

Recorded Artist – “The Sims feat. Victor/ Victoria” has worked hard and now they have released their first album, “Green little Crystal”. Congratulations! Hopefully soon you will have some chart topping hits!

Performing Artist – Congrats, you just got your first concert gig! 30,000 people will see you rock out with The Sims. Along with the money, you also have got a lot of publicity. I have a feeling your band will be going places….

Platinum Recording Artist – Your debut album, “Green little Crystal”, has just gone Platinum! Finally, you can hear your songs on the radio like you’ve always wanted to.

Chart Topping Artist – The song “Mystery Sim” from your now triple platinum album, “Green little Crystal”, has just hit #1 on the Simboard charts. You have reached the prime of your career! All of the major record companies want to hire you, including Desperation Records!

chance card preview-

You’re on stage playing your song, “No trouble fallin’ asleep (when I’m with you)”, when suddenly a stick goes flying out of your hand at the end of the song. Do you laugh it off or throw the other one to make it seem like it was planned?

Choices: a. Laugh or b. Pretend to have planned it

Pass A: Everyone in the audience laughs along with you, making you feel a lot more comfortable on stage. You gain 1 charisma point.

fail A: Everyone seems to be laughing with you, but you become the laughing stock of the music industry. Stadiums are tentative to book you and your band is force to go back to recording. You have been demoted.

Pass B: Everybody thinks you just added a new trick into the mix. The fans who caught your sticks get you to sign them and make a couple hundred dollars, but the important thing is, there’s no harm done.

fail B: When you throw your other stick, it hits somebody in the head. You are forced to pay $1000 in lawsuits

(P.S.) sorry this thread is so long)