San- Man of Three Characters

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Yuuki. Kyouryoku. Fudou.

Brave. Strong. Steadfast. These three words and characteristics can be used to describe San, a young Japanese warrior whose name in English means, "three," for he is a man of "three characters."


Eyebags by mercosims
Eyes and Eyebrows by helaene
Blush (two are being used- pale and light) by Louis
Hairline (under Accessories/Beard) by @Stefan
Face makeup (eyebags) and skintone by thesimssi2


Hair by HystericalParoxysm, which can be found here:

Darth Maul Robe by Getagirl4, which can be found here:

(The outfit requires a mesh from all-about-style, which you can find by going to the site and going under, Victorian/Adult Male/Casual/Page 2/YA/A Brown Check Knickrs.)

So San comes packaged with Maxis hair and clothes instead.

(I'm sorry about that, though-- I couldn't get my Clean Pack Installer to cooperate. I have the Pets Expansion Pack, and since it packages mesh files along with the recolours, I made sure to follow the directions on how to rid my upload of the unwanted mesh files. Well, it didn't work for some reason, and I was forced to package my sim with Maxis clothes and hair. Yes, I did save the new file under a different name and everything, but it continued to give me an empty package. Oh well, though. Life goes on.)


Please DO NOT upload anywhere (that includes both free and pay sites,) and please do not use in stories or movies.

"What was the point of uploading him, then?" you may ask. Well, I thought that you might still be able to enjoy him whilst using him in game, therefore I ask that you do not reshare him in any way, for I have already shared him with you.

Symbolled wallpaper in screenshots by

Other wallpaper in screenshots by

I wish you the ability to enjoy! God bless! *bows and exits*

Oh, do you want to hear something ironic? I used three San sims whilst taking pictures in game.

...And then a satelite fell from the sky and killed one of my three San sims. Yeah, I'm serious. It was absolutely traumatizing.