Backdoor Lane 18 [NL+OfB] -- Hotel Ampersand (with restaurant/bar)

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2007 at 2:02 AM
Updated: 13th Jan 2015 at 5:24 AM
Cost: 128.583§
Lot Size: 2x2
Furnished: Yes -- fully
Tested: Yes -- one extended visit in comm lot mode with no hacks installed

Nightlife and OfB required.
No custom content.

For sims that are sick of living in the suburbs, Backdoor Lane provides an alternative: a couple of small town lots with a more urban look and feel. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, creating a maze of backyard gardens and interconnected alleyways when placed in a tightly spaced neigbourhood. Most of them work as corner lots as well as facing the street, creating a very different impression depending on how you place them and what's on the lot next door.

Backdoor Lane 18
is a small, stuffy, oldfashioned little hotel with four rooms and a restaurant with garden terrace. Just like its namesake, it has a long and probably somewhat convoluted history; as a result, the rooms are all different as the various owners kept redecorating and adding little bits here and there.

Downstairs is a reception/lobby with bar, the restaurant, restrooms, and a shower for the guests that don't have one in their room (as well as for the staff if you want to run this as an owned business -- in that case, I'd cut away another tiny shower room from the kitchen just to be safe). The backyard has a garden terrace with additional restaurant tables, as well as a small sitting area.

Upstairs is another a sitting area, decorated with photos of all the celebrities that have stayed here before, that leads to the rooms. The Ampersand has two single and two double rooms, one each overlooking the garden and the other two looking out on the street. Two of the rooms have a shower and toilet, one a half bath, and one a small "washing cabinet" (sink only).

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This should work as a residential lot as well if your sim lives in the hotel permanently and/or runs it at the same time -- then you'll probably have to redo the garden a bit (I don't think all of the plants are trimmable/waterable as is, which for a community lot doesn't matter).

Backdoor Lane 17 coming soon, in case you're wondering =).

- Street view
- Backside / Lot Overview
- Floorplan, ground floor
- Floorplan, top floor
- Overview, top floor
- Interior, detail x 4 (two of the rooms, upstairs lobby, reception)
- Exterior, detail (garden at night)
- Exterior, detail (garden, daytime)

Thank you:
This collection (frillen) as well as this one (loba) and that one (windkeeper), the mini lots by Andi8104 and the ones based thereupon (MaryLou) have been very useful in making the Backdoor Lane neighbourhood. Thanks for making them available.

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