Timeteam - feat. Earthworks, courtesy of the Iron Age Britons

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As you may have guessed by the name, this neighbourhood was inspired by Timeteam (an archaeology programme in the U.K.). I was watching an episode which involved the discovery of Iron Age earthworks in Cornwall, and thought something along the lines of 'hey, that looks cool.'

This terrain features an earthwork wall, surrounding an oval-like enclosure, with a raised plateau at one end, somewhat like a Motte and Bailey castle of Medieval times, and an isolated island, for your outcast sims, which can fit, I believe, a 3x3 lot on it.

You may need a camera mod to see all of it - I'm not sure. If you use it, please tell me what for. I like to know .

Oh, and you may distribute as you wish, so long as you tell people how awesome I am XD.

I hope you like it.

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