Miriam: The first in a series of models

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2007 at 2:32 AM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2007 at 2:40 PM
This is Miriam. Availiable now for your enjoyment. She is the first in a line of models soon to come here to Modthesims2.


(Permission given to include in upload per creator's site policies)

Custom Content Included with Upload:

Eyebrows and blush = Helaene
Eyes = “Wild Night” by Enayla
These eyes can be found here on MTS at THIS thread.
Lipstick = “Natural Closed” by IcedMango
This lip color pack can be found here at MTS2. Just click THIS thread.
Eyeshadow = “Pure Look” by IcedMango
The eyeshadows can also be found here at MTS2 click THIS thread.
Skintone = “Deep Golden” by Enayla
Found here at MTS2 in THIS thread.
Eyeliner = Serasims
Can be found on her site here


Custom Content NOT included:
You need to download these meshes too!

Outfit = “Cute Skirt Outfit” by Nouk

You will need the mesh for the outfit Miriam is wearing from Nouk. A link to the mesh has been provided below the upload.

When you get the link up, it’s the second outfit from the top.

Hair Mesh:
Hair = Sue Hair Mesh002 in Brown @ http://www.xmsims.com/

You will also need the mesh for Miriam’s hair. The link to the mesh has also been provided. You can find the hair mesh on page two of “skins/hair” on

My Sincere thanks and appreciation go to Nouk, Helaene, Enayla, IcedMango, Sue and Sera for their incredible and unduplicated work. If it werent for you, I would not be able to create anything even remotely similar to the beauty i've uploaded here for all to use. Please keep creating masterpeices. You are all creative geniuses and I am honored to use your work.

Special Note:

Please, It took me a long time to create Miriam. Please do NOT upload her anywhere, under any circumstances as your own work. Everything that went into the making of Miriam was free content and thusly, she is being uploaded as a free sim. Please do not upload her as pay anywhere either (this includes using her as a model for offering pay clothing or anything else pay).
She's for personal game use only. Thank you for understanding. ~Cin