Natural Redhead Project: Five Red Recolors of XM Sims 039 Bouffant Hair for All Ages

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Uploaded 28th Feb 2007 at 7:24 AM · Updated 3rd Apr 2008 at 6:08 AM by kaneonapua : Update with new location of mesh

Five red shades of XM Sim's fabulous long bouffant hair mesh 39 for all ages. Thanks to Flora and XM Sims for allowing us to recolor their meshes. I just had to make some red shades of it after I saw Kyriaw's glorious alpha edit of this hair style. Thank you, Kryiaw for such a great alpha edit! Of course, I can't leave well enough alone, I shortened the ribbon tail that draps over the shoulder as much as possible while leaving intact the ribbon that runs across the top of the head.

These recolors were done for the Natural Redhead Project to make more hairstyles available in the many beautiful naturally occurring shades of red hair. The red recolors are available in five shades: auburn, dark copper, copper, ginger and strawberry blonde. The recolors are color binned red. It may seem odd to put shades that range from rusty blonde to deep brown red in the red bin but the goal is to make the full spectrum of red shades available to genetic redheads.

This glamour style comes in toddler through elder. The elder hair comes in two shades: auburn and dark copper come with an ivory elder shade while copper, ginger and strawberry blonde have a tawny salt and pepper elder shade.

Mesh Information: The mesh for these recolors is available here at XM Sims. It is currently on page 24 of Simmer Valley > Skins > Female Hair. The mesh download file is and the uncompressed mesh file name is XMS_Flora_MeshHair039.package.

Terms of UseThese recolors may only be used in Sims distributed by 100% free sites. Do not distribute or include the mesh in any uploads! Include a link to the so the mesh can be downloaded from the XM Sims website. The textures and alphas may be modified for recolors distributed from free sites. This is XM Sims' generous policy, please respect it.

Learn more about why redheads are unique:
Red hair is a simple recessive
Intensity of hair color

FYI - the custom content in the models are free downloads:
Eyes: the freckle and eye set is from Alkaloid at MTS2 as is the freckle "blush" at InSim.

Skin: JWilson5's Hairy Skins for Redheads which is a modified Louis (SimScribbing) skin with AllenABQ body hair. The skin for the normal Maxis body type doesn't require any additional meshes, just download the Norm-HairyRed-Barbie.rar file for hairy, SKN-Norm-XhairyRed-Barbie.rar for extra hairy and SKN-Norm-XXhairyRed-Barbie.rar for extreme hairy (Not to worry, only the males come with body hair ).

Clothing from MTS2: Three outfits by gilysse from her "As seen on. ..." series Michelle Pfeiffer's yellow striped silk cocktail dress, Kate Hudson's brown velvet mini and Angela Lindvall's deliciously swirled, earth toned gown. Also, the Paris Hilton's golden silk brocade dress by Dhani, the green suplice top and black skirt from an2da of SSalam Style and the Beige Striped Knitted Dress by leru.

Necklaces: : coin necklaces from Peggy Sims, enamel necklace from Peggy Sims and jewel pendant from Rose Sims2 on Download > Accesories > page 9, upper left.

Eyeliner: eyeliner is the 0036 makeup file from page 6 of the Makeup section at RoseSims2. The eye shadow, also from Rose Sims 2, is from the 0042 makeup file on Makeup page 7. Blush is Helaene's Dior Firelight Blush which is listed in the Other section.

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