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"Rock Hammer" guitar (Seasons) usable with Atavera's Custom Instruments Hack

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2007 at 1:59 AM
Updated: 4th Dec 2007 at 5:02 PM - Hack no longer needed
"ROCK HAMMER" GUITAR (Seasons) usable
(Object Mod - UNI+SSN Required)

IMPORTANT - This hack is no longer needed, because it is now
part of the main Custom Instruments Hack v.4.1. Please remove the file:
from your Downloads and use use the C.I.H. v.4.1 instead.

(Attachment removed and thread closed)

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WARNING: This is an Object Mod, meaning that it affects *all* the Rock Hammer guitars in *all* your neighborhoods.
If you export a lot containing the Rock Hammer guitar, this Mod will be exported too (always clean your lots with the Clean Installer!); also, if you clone the Rock Hammer guitar, this Mod will be included in your clone (to prevent this, be sure to *uncheck* the Downloads folder from SimPE's file table).

Who uses Atavera's "Custom Instruments Hack" can't use the Rock Hammer guitar (the new guitar that comes with Seasons as a career reward), because the interactions just drop out of the queue. This Mod is intended as an "extension" of Atavera's hack, to allow playing the Rock Hammer guitar alone, or as a member of a band (with either Maxis or custom instruments).

This Mod requires Seasons, of course; and Atavera's hack, in turn, needs University. Therefore, both University AND Seasons are required.
Also, Atavera's "Custom Instruments Hack" is required (actually, using this Mod is just pointless without the Custom Instruments Hack).

Unpack the attached file to your Downloads folder; remove the installed package to uninstall.

Atavera, for the BHAVs needed for custom instruments to work (BHAV included in this Mod); Maxis for the original Rock Hammer guitar.

This mod uses Atavera's BHAVs, which are in the public domain; therefore, unlike most of my creations, you can freely clone and modify this Mod. But mind that this is an Object Mod (as defined above): if you post your clone anywhere, you are responsible for any problem it might cause to users.