Starbucks Accessories - Coffee Bags, Tea Boxes, Mugs, Decorative Plate

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Uploaded: 12th Mar 2007 at 4:57 PM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2007 at 4:07 PM
To add the finishing touch to your sim-Starbucks, stock its shelves with replica merchandise. These items are the last in a series of Starbucks items I've uploaded over the past couple of weeks. Included in the .rar file are:
  • Coffee Bag: Priced at §10, the default texture is House Blend, with Breakfast Blend, Ethiopia Sidamo, Sulawesi, Caffè Verona, Espresso Roast, and Sumatra recolors.
  • Black Apron Exclusives box: Priced at §12, the default texture is Ethiopia Gemadro Estate, with Kenya Kirinyaga, Rwanda Blue Bourbon, and Zambia Terranova Estate recolors.
  • Tazo box: Priced at §5, the default (and only, sorry) texture is Tazo Chai.
  • Assorted Tazo box: Priced at §5, it has one texture.
  • Starbucks logo mug: Priced at §10, the default texture has the siren logo, with a text recolor.
  • Siren Decorative Plate: Priced at §200, it has one texture.

UPDATE March 15th: Added two requested coffee bag recolors, as well as the just-released Zambia Terranova Estate Black Apron Exclusive box. They are in the Addendum file.

All items have their own GUIDs, are Small placement (except the plate, which is Medium), and will be buyable/sellable in OFB. I'm not sure exactly which decorative sort they fall under, but just click "All" and you can then find them by price. Also, I apologize for the large size of the screenshots (and item package files), but I couldn't bring myself to leave out any of the detail that I had available to me.

If I'm missing anyone's favourite blend of coffee in bagged form, I'll take requests. Just comment and let me know which blend you'd like me to add. As for Tazo boxes... I'm afraid I can't do any recolors unless someone's willing to send me additional box scans, because I want the level of detail to be consistent across all recolors.

Polygon Counts:
Coffee Bag: 84 Faces, 115 Vertices
Coffee Mug: 424 Faces, 476 Vertices
Plate: 488 Faces, 530 Vertices
All boxes: 12 Faces, 24 Vertices

Additional Credits:
  • HChangeri at Retail Sims for permission to edit and redistribute the bag and mug meshes
  • luslipz73 for the base plate object
  • crocobaura and simsistic for the meshes upon which I based the boxes
  • my lovely fiancée for putting up with my rather absurd obsession this last little while

LEGAL NOTICE: Neither I nor ModTheSims2 are affiliated with Starbucks Coffee. I have the utmost respect for their company. Their marks are used in good faith without any intention of damaging their reputation.