Delivery Van Recolors- Cunningham Muffins!

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2007 at 1:43 AM
Muffin Lady- What would you like for breakfast Johnny?
Johnny- Muffins!
Muffin Lady- That's right! At Cunningham Muffins we know that muffins make the best breakfasts, so why not try our exciting new flavors! Rasberry, cranberry, apples.....

And so on including many bizzare flavors such as Newspaper, ink, fish, frog, paperclip, and blood. have absolutly no clue what i'm talking about? I'm talking about the muffins video on YouTube! I have recolored Fresh Princ's Delivery van to Cunningham Muffin Delivery Vans! There are 3 vans: One Fish, One Frog, and one plain muffin for the faint of heart. The plain muffin is in the same color as the frog, but the text is differantly colored. If you actually want to see the video, go to YouTube and search muffins. It will be the first video that appears. Note: Thanks to fresh prince for the mesh. Enjoy these muffins and remember: Muffins make the best breakfasts!