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Excessum Nusquam - New Make Up by Zombie Jill

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2007 at 8:09 AM
Updated: 16th Mar 2007 at 4:32 AM by zombiejill
Boredom struck me today. XD I decided to make a scary, gothy family. 0.0 But, I noticed that all the make-up I had was kinda... wimpy, in comparison to what I was looking for. XD; Sooo... ^^; I made these. >>; I don't think they're wimpy... @[email protected]; But, then again, I'm the one who hates lipstick, 'cause it's too bold, sooo... ^_^; Meh. So, yeah. Here's my gothy-ish-random-party-whatever make up set. XD; Third make up upload, yay. ^^;; I actually like this set.

About the Eyeshadow
^^ So, the set started as just eyeshadow. ^.^ Since I don't like dark lips and all. I started out with the intention of just making a plain, boring black eyelined shadow. ^^; But, then I grabbed the alpha from the glittery Maxis eyeshadow, and superimposed it on the dark eyemake up from a set that I haven't uploaded yet, and got a kinda cool effect. XD So I drew some more on the alpha, and made it black, and, tada. XD Eyeshadow. ^^;; It comes in, like, an entire rainbow of colors, and two shades. ^_^; And I actually like all the colors included. Which is s pretty amazing.

About the Lipstick
XD; Did I mention already that I hate lipstick? @[email protected] It's so bold... But, meh, whatever. ^^; I made three shades of lipstick to match my eyeshadows. A red, a dark red, and a black. xD; I think they look alright. ^^; My favorite's the red. ^^ They're based off my lipglosses, but I also used textures off of Louis's lips.

^^ The eyeshadows are available for males and females, child-elder. ^^ The lipsticks are available for males and females, child - adult, as well as adult females. xD Why do you ask, did I leave out male elders...? XD;;; 'Cause I forgot to hit the little thingie for it. xD; That's why. ^_^; There maybe one or two colors that I remembered to do that for, though.

^^ I hope you enjoy these! XD I had fun making them.

Don't forget to leave a comment and hit the Thanks button! ^_^ Both are very much appreciated.

Model Credits
Both models, Jill (female) and Moon Eye (male) are made by me and will be avilable for download... eventually. XD; I'm being lazy.
Eyes, skintone and make up - By me. Skintone and Eyes not available at this time. <<; Make up's riiiight here.
Clothes - By Pestix, here
Hair - All from Noukiesims2
Earring - by Louis

Moon Eye
Eyes, and Make up - By me. Eyes not available at this time, and make up's here.
Skintone - By Enayla, here
Hair - Pay, by Peggysims2