Ralph Fiennes as Lenny Nero from the film "Strange Days"

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I bring you....Lenny Nero the main character in a movie called Strange Days. In the film (Ralph Fiennes) takes the role of Lenny Nero who is an ex-cop turned black market peddler who sells S.Q.U.I.D. (stands for Superconducting Quantum Interface Device) decks full of various memories and experiences. Just one disk allows the user to re-live its contents by using a CORTICAL RESONANCE RECORDER, or record deck, with a wire running to the S.Q.U.I.D. ARRAY, a matrix of sensors designed to conform to the human head and when used too much cause damage to the brain. These disks are like drugs, as people find the shared virtual experiences far better than those they find in their own lives. Lenny is both a dealer and addict. Ralph Fiennes is awesome as Lenny - he's scummy and underhanded enough to keep himself from ever being a true hero, but he imbues Lenny with enough affable charm and backbone to make him likable nonetheless. So go ahead download Lenny and be forewarned that he will become addicted to the sims thinking cap if you should choose it as an aspiration reward :^D

Great thanks to:
HystericalParoxysm for the awesome AMBodyDisco mesh!
[email protected] for the fantastic skin tones!
SussiSoGoodSims for her wonderful sideburns and lips!
Mermaid Cove's sexy stubble!


You need to download the clothes mesh (AMBodyDisco-NonDefaultPack.rar) in the link below from HystericalParoxysm
in order to see the outfit in your game:

I created the facial skin using the [email protected] light skintone as the base for young adult male, adult male and elder male. The maxis hair I beleive is in the base Sims 2 game and should show up without any EPs.

Also I have made this sim with "Seasons" as far as I know no EP required.

If you have any questions please read my policies by clicking HERE

Thanks and have fun!
-Go Go Glamour Girl

I just noticed the eyes in the pictures are from the Realistic eyes V8 set by Barcelonista. When you download Lenny you get the custom eyes that I especially created for him, but I made them at the last minute and forgot to take all new pics of Lenny with them.
You can get the eyes as seen in the pics from Barcelonista at this link:

Custom Content by Me:
- Lenny Nero created by me
- Eyes by me
- Lenny Nero face skinned by me using light skintone from [email protected] as base
- Recolor of Maxis Hair by me
- Recolor of HystericalParoxysm AMBodyDisco clothes mesh by me

Custom Content Included:
- Stubble by MermaidCove
- Male & Junior Lips1 by SussisSoGoodSims
- Sideburns by SussisSoGoodSims

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