Stay-at-Home Parent Career...because taking care of kids is hard work!

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2007 at 3:37 AM
Updated: 24th Sep 2008 at 7:42 PM - Chance Card Glitch Fixed
UPDATE: I have fixed the issue with the chance cards and simoleons. Please redownload. This WILL overwrite the older version.

Have you ever wanted to keep one of your Sim parents home, but found that your Sim family couldn't afford that? Do your Sims find themselves stressed and frustrated from dealing with children, pets, and housework all day long? Then you need the Stay-at-Home Parent Career!

This career allows your Sims to draw a paycheck for staying at home! Due to game requirements, your sims will still go to work. However, the carpool will pick your Sim up at 4am and the "work day" is from 5am to 6am. This was done to minimize the impact on the working parent's job. Your Sim will also go to work in their everyday clothes.

There are 10 levels, but each level has the same title. Pay increases from §168 at the bottom to §2100 at the top. WARNING: to reach the top of this career field your Sim will be required to max all skills. Parenting is a difficult job and requires constant learning and adapting and I wanted this career to reflect that.

Finally, there are chance cards for each level.

Additional Credits:
Thanks go to Bidou for the awesome Career Editor, the makers of SimPE (for obvious reasons), and the awesome staff and members here at MTS2 for being so supportive!