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Juice Tray Mods /Fixes - Never Be Cleaned up, Placeable on Endtables, Sellable & More

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2007 at 4:12 AM
Updated: 28th Sep 2008 at 7:34 PM - file updates, missing infomation, EP update
A complete collection of my mods, including those never published here on MTS2, can be downloaded here. http://cid-ca240b77438128c2.skydriv...0for%20TS2?uc=2

I love the different types of juices that come with the new EP, and so do my sims. Ever since i installed Seasons, i've been spending most of my time in the game growing and harvesting. But it's a little disappointing that the served trays of juices are rather restricted in a number of ways, so i made the following changes:
[JuiceTray_All.zip] has all 5 packages.

Requires Seasons
Compatible with AL, FT, BV & Seasons

1. Served trays never become spoiled/dirty so sims will never autonomously clean them up. [JuiceTray_NeverBecomeSpoiled.package]
*the truth is, they will eventually, after 20000 sims hours = 833 sim days

2. juice trays can be placed in personal inventroy and therefore be given as a gift to other sims. [JuiceTray_CanBePutInInventory.package]

3. Juice trays no long disappear after about 35 sim hours, also they now can be placed on endtables and can be sold for 230 simoleons.[JuiceTray_Price&PlaceableOnEndtables]

4. juice trays are sellable if there're still 6 servings left in the tray. [JuiceTray_Sellable]

Requires OFB, [JuiceTray_Price&PlaceableOnEndtables.package] &[JuiceTray_CanBePutInInventory.package]

Sims will use simoleons to restock.

5. Finally, a mod that disables the "Have a Drink" interaction after the juice becomes spoiled which by Maxis default is 24 hours after it's served. [JuiceTray_HaveADrinkTest]
***you don't need this if you will download [JuiceTray_NeverBecomeSpoiled.package]

I tested all of them on my computer which has all EPs and SPs installed. Let me know if there're any problems with them.
***Some of these changes are not applied to already exisiting juice trays.
***feel free to make changes to these files, such as the price.
***but please DO NOT redistribute these mods.