A Fix For The Missing Latipsoh Green Linoleum Floor

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2007 at 8:32 PM
Updated: 31st Dec 2012 at 8:43 AM by Phaenoh
Players who have both the University and Seasons expansion packs installed may have noticed the floor tile called Latipsoh Green Linoleum has gone missing, and has been replaced by another floor, Neutral Sand Linoleum. The correct name for the floor still shows in the catalog, but the floor itself is wrong. (For people who have the game installed in a language other than English, the floors may be called something else.)

This download is a simple fix for the bug. Just place the package file into your Download folder and the Maxis floor should work correctly again. This download does not add a custom floor to your game, it simply overrides one game file to make the original floor work correctly. You uninstall it simply by removing the file from your Downloads folder. You should only need this fix if you have both University and Seasons installed. It other game configurations this download should not cause any harm, either, but it will be useless.

Edited to add: This download does not replace the Neutral Sand Linoleum, you should have both of the floors working correctly. Without the fix, you likely have two copies of the Neutral Sand and none of Latipsoh green. This fix only returns the floors to the way they used to be before Seasons.

The catalog image will not be automatically updated, though. You can fix it by placing your mouse cursor over the image and right-clicking while holding down the CTRL key.

This is what the Latipsoh floor is supposed to look like:

This is the floor that has replaced it: