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The Siding Construction Pick-up Truck **** MY 40th Upload ****

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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2007 at 7:23 AM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2007 at 1:36 PM by tigdadx4 - GUID !
****UPDATE**** I messed up on my GUID's so the old version might conflict with other people's items . If you have already downloaded this and run into this problem please redownload as the current .rar is the fixed version...If you have not downloaded this and are about to no need to worry this will not affect you ....

Here is my newest project !

This time it is a Vehicle to be used by itself or in conjunction with the rest of my construction objects .....This is basically a maxis pickup truck slightly modified as far as the basic truck goes ...I opened the tailgate some , I put a few dents and dings into the truck mesh and did a little spray painting on the original maxis texture ....How this does differ from the original truck is in the pieces I have added to this truck !!!!!

I have used a number of my own created siding construction meshes and made a custom ladder rack ....On this ladder rack I have put the following items :

1: My Aluminum Bending Brake , Which can be found HERE ! ..It hangs on the side of the ladder rack !

2: A 24 ft and 28 ft Fiberglass extension ladder , Which can be found HERE ! .. Them two were placed on one side of the ladder rack !

3: A 12 ft , 16 ft , 20 ft , 24 ft and 30 ft Aluminum plank (Pick) , Which can be found HERE ! .. Them were all placed on the opposite side of the ladder rack !

4: A 12 ft Aluminum plank (Pick) in the bed of the truck ..

5: A Pile of 2x4's and 2x6's in the bed of the truck !

All the textures for all the added items were done by me ..The truck body itself is a Maxis texture ....

I did a little spraying of the original maxis texture for the truck also ....I added Simrolet to the tailgate to simulate a brand name for this truck ...I also added diamond plating for the bed of the truck ... I added a few various paint stains on the truck also ....I also added a sims 2 diamond logo on the grill of the truck .....I also lightly sprayed the entire texture with a sorta rust color and a black to make the truck LOOK more like a construction vehicle ...The rims are totally rusted out also ....The seats and rug were colored a blue .....I also removed the driver side mirror and bent the mirror support like it was ripped off by hitting something ....

Here are a few pictures of the truck :

This took quite a while to get working right in game but everything works great now !!!! This was my first attempt at doing anything "correctly" with a vehicle (those who know me will know what i mean about correctly) and I have to say I like to make vehicles now !!!!!!

This is essentially a slightly modified maxis mesh ! It requires Nightlife and has average polys !

Please do not do anything other than download this and use it in game ....I normally dont care about recolors but since this is a maxis vehicle mesh and texture they are darn near impossible to recolor....You can however inlcude this in house uploads to FREE sites ONLY With credit to me for the mesh and a link back to this thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments (If they are thanks comments please use the post thanks button) and Thanks are always appreciated !!!!!!

Please enjoy this latest creation from me Tigdadx4 (formerly tigmomx4)

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
I have to thank Fresh-Prince and Wes_H for their help in making this work !!!!!

Also credits to Maxis for the mesh and texture !