Delphy's Download Organiser - v1.2.6365 updated 6th June 2017

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Hi All,

Control of your downloads...

Is your hard drive crushed under the weight of gigs of downloads? Do you despair of sorting it all becuase you have 20 7ef7392_84kd.package files? Ever wanted an easy way to categorise and sort all of your downloads? Does your Llama's arsenal lack a certain... something?

If so, and you are a moderate to hardcore Sims 2 downloader, or just want to keep things organised, then you need Delphy's Download Organiser!

My name is Delphy, you may remember me from such tools as Q-Xpress, the MeshTool and the Multi-Pack Installer. I'd like to introduce you to the DDO, the second in a suite of tools for downloading and organising content. your fingertips:

It's a download scanner which supports the following:
  • Builds a database of files so you don't have to scan every time
  • Gets the description and titles from the packages directly
  • Identifies the package type
  • Allows filtering on: Filename, Title, Description, Subfolder, Download Type and Install Date, Broken BodyShop files and Orphans
  • Allows sorting on all of the above fields
  • Has right-click context functionality to move files (either to an existing download folder from a drop down, or to a new folder entirely)
  • Right-click context to delete a file or selection of files.
  • Right-click Open with SimPE
  • Incremental Scanning, so it remembers when you last scanned and only adds new packages installed after that date
  • Orphan scanning! Yes, it can now tell whether your recolours have meshes, or meshes have recolours.
  • Identifies "broken body shop" packages
  • Detects over 50 different package types.
  • Little balloon popups for notifying you when things are done
  • Automatically scans for packages that have been removed from the downloads folder outside of the program.
  • Makes your lunch for you*
  • Deletion of files is accomplished via 58kW light amplication through ionised emmition of large boom sounds.**

Pretty stuff:

Main screen:

Filtering in action:

Scan wizard:

Orphan scan in progress:

Menu options:

Known issues:
- This isn't really an issue, but if you're orphan scanning and you find that you have a large amount of orphaned files, please take note that not all those files maybe truly orphans.

- If you get an error "Applicated has terminated unexpectedly" when trying to run it, please make sure that you extract the rar file complete with subfolders.

Where you can get it:

Click on the "Download" tab at the top of this post text, and download the "DownloadOrganiser.rar" file.

You need .NET Framework 1.1 (same as S2PCI and SimPE older versions), as it's written entirely in C#. If you can run S2PCI then this should work fine.

Installation instructions:

IMPORTANT: This version requires a full re-scan of all folders.

IMPORTANT: Once you have downloaded the .rar file, extract the entire contents in its own folder. Do not separate the files. Then double-click on the DownloadOrganizer.exe from this folder. Again, all files need to stay together in its own folder. If you want to put a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on DownloadOrganizer.exe and select "Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut)". You will get an error if you copy the .exe to your desktop.


New to this version is a *complete* translatable interface. All strings, interface elements, and package names are now translatable. I've included an English and a Russian language. Big thanks to SummerGlau who helped with the bugs and did the translation!

Release History:
  • 1.2.6365.28343 (6th June 2017) changelog:
    - Fixed lots of package detection issues- Interface is now fully translatable- Fixed bug with subfolders with [ ] and ' in the name not working properly- Fixed filtering when translating- Added Russian translation (thanks to SummerGlau)- All interface elements now translatable- Should be faster to scan now- Probably some other stuff I forgot
  • 1.2.3281.30344 (25th Dec 2008) changelog:
    - Fixed bug with various object and Build mode package types being identified as "ObjectRecolour" instead of "ObjectDecorative" etc. Thanks Jaedle for the heads up.
  • 1.2.3271.30230 (15th Dec 2008) changelog:
    - Fixed bug with reading strings from some package files, resulting in index out of bounds, that worked out to an Unknown package type, and a blank MD5 string
  • 1.2.3271.19473 (15th Dec 2008) changelog:
    - Fixed bug with polygon count column header- Fixed bug with Hacks, Careers and Duplicates not appearing in different colours- Adjusted MD5 hash to also include filesize of the package file - This will require a rescan.
  • 1.2.3262.34379 (15th Dec 2008) changelog:
    - Added Texture preview screens- Massively improved scanning speed (at least 4 times faster than 1.1)- Added Program Locations screen to specify where your EP/SP locations are- Slightly re-ordered menus- Removed all translations except for English (translations needed!)- A whole bunch of other changes that I can't remember. - Included orphan scan file (Thanks Canoodle)- This version works with Compressorized files- Added Polygon Count column

Thanks to:
  • TigDadx4, for the huge download folder and slow machine :D
  • HystericalParoxysm, daysies, Lethe_s and the Ranchies for the testing and reports
  • Numenor and IgnorantBliss, for answering questions about the way Objects are setup
  • MaryLou for the translation, excel files and general help
  • Quaxi, for the SimPE source code that helped with some package resources
  • vbAccelerator, for the systray code
  • Mark Harmon, for the progress bar in a status bar control
  • Riess, for the awesome llama pic
  • Canoodle, for the MaxisInfo

Boring stuff:

I have started a Wiki page on the Sims2Wiki about it, currently under construction. View it here:

Update: 15 Dec 2008 - v1.2 released.


* Disclaimer: Does not make lunch.
** Ion Cannon sold seperately.