For the boys: new mesh - leather jacket with skinny pants!

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Uploaded: 12th Apr 2007 at 7:14 AM
Aren't the teenage boys always in need of new things to wear? Mine are, so I put this together for them:

This is actually just two Maxis meshes merged together: the jacket is from the "greaser" outfit from Nightlife and the bottom from that emo-ish otfit that came with the basegame... I always liked the jacket but wanted skinnier pants to go with them, so...

I reused Maxis' textures for the most part as you can see, but everyone is welcome to make more recolours!

The mesh has a fat state (and it doesn't look very flattering with this particular outfit... :P) and is bumpmap enabled.

Recolours are encouraged. You may post the mesh and your recolours wherever you like as long as they remain 100% free.

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 2694 Vertices: 2432 (a tiny bit higher than the "greaser" outfit)

Additional Credits:
Tiggerypum and her co-workers for the tuts and helpful posts
Wes H for the tools SimPE crew for SimPE