Lexi and Haylee – born in game sisters with downloaded parents **Updated**

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Uploaded 14th Apr 2007 at 3:17 PM · Updated 5th Jun 2009 at 1:44 AM by Blue_butterfly : Fixed under-eye stretch, new photos, updated links

**Update 22/4/2007**
I realised there was a problem with both girls' under-eyes which were disproportionately stretched, so I fixed them. You may want to re-download if you already have.

Here are a pair of sisters who were born in game. Personally I think they're gorgeous and I’ve loved having them in my game so I decided it would be selfish not to share them Both parents are downloaded however so I can’t take any credit for their genetics. I’ve provided the parents’ links below – just in case you were wondering.

Lexi is the black haired beauty and Haylee is the red head. They’ve both been packaged with BoutiqueEmilie swimwear hosted on MTS2.

Thanks to Snailhorse for letting me use her lovely skintone which is included.

I used Jaydee's Photo Poses Animbox for the screenshots http://www.jd-movies.com/loadingscreen.php

This is my first upload so be gentle.

Custom Content by Me:
- Lexi Sim
- Haylee Sim

Custom Content Included:
- Violetta eyes by Enayla
- Eva brows - black by Helaene
- Hollywood lashes (no undereye) by Helaene
- Soft blush # 6 by Helaene
- Lip gloss - fabulous berry pink by Helaene
- Skintone *desiresims* by Snailhorse
- Swimwear - be_adufe 51 by BoutiqueEmilie
- Olive Eyes by Enayla
- Eva brows - red by Helaene
- Hollywood lashes (no undereye) by Helaene
- Jolie lips - Natural - Pinkish Darker by Nouk
- Soft blush # 6 by Helaene
- Skintone *desiresims* by Snailhorse
- Swimwear - be_adufe 49 by BoutiqueEmilie

Additional Credits:
Mother: Adriana Lima by lushesslady http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=185357

Father: by Chinhan of http://www.hnote.net/ (look under Sims>MovieStar>model - Daniel Phillip Henney)

Content in screenshots NOT included:

Everyday clothing by http://www.stylistsims.net/

Haylee's Hair by XM Sims Flora Hair Page No.19

Lexi's Hair - ID:#002102 by PeggySims2 (Free area)

(To get the hair featured in the screen shots you will need to download both the hair mesh AND the hair color as the girls have been packaged with Maxis hairstyles.)