Ouch! That stings! - 16 Masks

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2007 at 9:20 PM
Hello and welcome to my third upload with horror theme!
I've seen my previous masks in quite a number of movies, stories and other pictures, so I thought you might like some more.
If you're a very sensitive person, beware! But I don't think these are any worse than my previous ones, and no one has complained yet.

This time it's not masks that I'm uploading, it's blushes, but they are multi-wearable (Thanks HP!) so your sims can still wear a blush. (I still call them masks, cause it's easier)
I wanted them multi-wearable cause I found myself wanting to use two masks at the same time, and now you can!

There's a total of sixteen masks. As I said they're multi-wearable. But some masks can't be worn together. The two "blood on the mouth" can't be worn together and the resulting scars from two of the wounds can't be worn with the actual wounds.
The bruises can be worn together or on either eye and same goes for the pentagrams on the cheeks.

Depending on your sims bone structure some masks will be slightly disorted, just so you know.
Everything works fine for me, so it should for you too. If it doesn't leave a comment and I will be just as confused as you are But I'll try and find someone who can help
They look the same for every skin colour, no paler/darker outlines.

Hope you'll find these useful. It was fun to get a break from the eyes, but don't worry I'll be back. (I'm thinking about another fantasy theme.)

Take care! (and leave a comment if you like, hate, or just feel chatty)

Additional Credits:
A huuuuge, gigantic, can be seen from space, "Thank You" goes to HystericalParoxysm who not only wrote a brilliant tutorial on how to make stuff multi-wearable, but she was also kind enough to help me when I was too thick to get it.
HP, you're the best!