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Recolorable 'Celebrate anytime' Birthday Cake - in 3 'colors'

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Uploaded 18th Apr 2007 at 10:46 AM · Updated 20th Nov 2008 at 11:01 PM by -Maylin-

This cake is dedicated to my friend Marusilda

Were you ever bothered by the fact that to recolor a birthday cake, you need to clone it? If yes, than this cake is for you
Both cake and plate are recolorable; cake slice and dessert plate inherit 'main' cake and plate textures when taken from plate.
In addition, cake top and sides have non-overlapping texture mapping, so you can make cakes with non-symmetrical textures.
This package includes 3 'recolors' for both cake (cream with 'Birthday' writing, chocolate, and honey-cake) and plate (beige, dark with flowers, and gzhel-like).
This cake has 8 servings.
Just like my previous birthday cakes, this cake can be used both for grow up a sim (via 'Blow Candles' interaction) and to just make a celebration for any sim, not only of suitable age.

Cake is created in base game and should work with all addons. Known bug with Open for Business: cake cannot be placed in food display refrigerator, and even if it can be placed with one of Numenor's patches, it can't be restocked.

As the standard cake, this cake can be found under Miscellaneous/Party.

Important: all three packages from the archive attached (cake, cake slice and dessert plate) must be placed to Downloads or any subfolder for the cake to work!

Technical details.
Different cake states (all slices present, -1 slice, -2 slices etc.) and all slice selections (1st slice taken, 2nd slice taken etc.) are done via changing graphic. Although in this cake different slices differ by UVWmapping only, this setup allows completely asymmetrical slice shapes - maybe I'll make such cake later
Slice states (full, half, none) are made via morphs.
I didn't altered Maxis candles.
Mesh geometry:
- plate, both cake and dessert (same mesh, just scaled) - 192 faces, 230 vertices
- cake without candles - 72-432 faces, 80-342 vertices, depending on state
- single slice - 86 faces, 106 vertices
- all candles - 1188 faces, 1620 vertices
All meshes were created in 3dsmax and imported using smd plugin.
Both 'cake' and 'plate' subsets in cake are recolorable. Slice and dessert plate borrow textures from the cake; texture is matched via CreateNewObject with 'copying design mode materials from object in Temp 5' = True - so any new recolors will also be applied to slices automatically.

To skankyboy, for the smd plugin.
To Peter Jones, for PJSE plugins.
To Akulina, for the screenshots.

Feel free to recolor this cake, but don't post recolors as donation or pay items, and don't forget to credit me properly.
Ask for permission if you want to clone the cake. I'm likely to give permission if result is going to be free :D
Please don't redistribute this cake, as well as other my objects - give link to the thread where you got them instead.

Polygon Counts: