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Dressed up to the nine - 5 Formal Dresses

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Uploaded: 20th Apr 2007 at 8:05 PM
Updated: 21st Apr 2007 at 8:15 AM
Hi everybody
I made some new dresses for your adult simladies and one for your teens.

Tartan Patterned Lady

This gorgeous dress was worn by Kiersten Warren (Nora Huntington) on "Desperate Housewives". It requires the amazing PinupDressMesh by helaene.

Single Cloud (Adult/Teen)

I made this dress by a request of kiyah, actually for teens but I also made it for adults. You can find the Mesh 009 at Lianasims , teendress uses Maxis Mesh.

Pink Poison

This cute cocktaildress requires peggybodymesh_033 .

Into The Blue

A fresh-colored summerdress, which needs the same mesh like the Pink Poison dress above.

I hope you all like my dresses.
And a reply is always welcome.