"Farmer's Barn Store" Commercial object set with 10 new meshes UPDATE: Redownload counter!

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Uploaded: 20th Apr 2007 at 10:21 PM
Updated: 24th Nov 2008 at 1:55 PM by -Maylin-

There was an error with the counter, causing *shock* crashes but I have fixed it and re-uploaded it now! PLEASE re-download and let the new file MESH_barnstore_counter_berg.package OVERWRITE the old one in your downloads folder!

Original message:

This set was created especially for my favourite family created with "Seasons" - the Gardeners!

They spend most of the day out in the field planting, tending and harvesting and when they aren't planting, tending and harvesting they sell the produce in their store... But I wasn't quite pleased with how it looked so I decided to finally try object meshing, and this is the result:

This set contains ten new meshes:

A counter, cloned from a commercial counter but available both at residential and community lots

three shelves/displays + recolours (OFB),

a decorative sack + recolours,

a living chair made out of sacks,

a bar stool + recolours,

two different food displays + recolours (comm. lot only)

and an endtable + recolours.


I was very ignorant when I started to make all objects above, and thought that cloning a base game object would make it compatible with the base game only. I was wrong. I tested the non-OFB objects in base game only but it didn't work
I know now how I should have made them from the start, so I might remake them for a basegame-only environment later.

I haved tested and played these objects in my current game configuration which is:

Nightlife, Open For Business, Pets and Seasons

and I suspect that you must own these EP:s for the objects to work since especially OFB and Pets changed how some objects work. I'm not 100% sure, though, so if you are brave and want to test - please report back!

I don't have University anymore so I couldn't test with it.

BUT these objects work exactly like they should in my game. No conflicts, no overwriting, no hiccups of any kind. I really hope they work that way in your game too - this is the first time I'm sharing an object made by me, so I really, REALLY wish that you report any weirdness back to this thread, if it would occur!

-You may share these objects with uploaded lots, but it's probably better if they are thouroughly tested first so any problems can be sorted out.

-You may clone these objects if you would like to make them shinier and better (or the opposite... It's up to you...)

-Recolour and share at will! You may include the meshes with recolours on free sites.

Polygon Counts:
MESH_barnstore_barstool_berg=372 polys
MESH_barnstore_counter_berg=1266 polys
MESH_barnstore_decorativesack_berg=288 polys
MESH_barnstore_endtable_berg=176 polys
MESH_barnstore_floorshelf_berg=384 polys
MESH_barnstore_fooddisplay3_berg=1017 polys
MESH_barnstore_fooddisplay_berg.package=1418 polys
MESH_barnstore_sackchair_berg=872 polys
MESH_barnstore_shelf_berg=224 polys
MESH_barnstore_stackableshelf_berg=140 polys

Additional Credits:
J Woods and Lethe_S for the incredibly helpful tutorials SimPE crew

MTS2 crew