Nature's Market Functioning Bread and Roll Food Displays

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Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2007 at 11:11 PM
Updated: 24th Nov 2008 at 2:02 PM by -Maylin-
Nature's Market Food Displays

Hungry for Grilled Cheese?

Starving for a burger?

Wish you had that extra something to make those Lunch Meat Sandwiches complete?

Now you can buy, yes buy that much needed accessory to that perfect meal with Nature's Market Bread and Roll displays!

After all, where can one find a decent baked good in the Maxis world of Sim Shopping?

These objects are not decorations! No cheats are needed for their placement. Find them in the following places:

Appliances ---> Large

Food ---> Appliances
Shopping ---> Appliances

Sims can buy food stock from the displays, just as they would from the Maxis objects. They will not buy individual bags of bread or rolls, only food stock.

These objects function with Open For Business. It will empty as stock is purchased.

The shelves were cloned from the Maxis "VeggiStuff Produce Bin". They were made with Uni, NL, OFB, FFS, Pets, Seasons

They were tested in my game, and also in a game without Pets or Seasons.

They absolutely require OFB to work, due to the "empty" and "full" versions, and possibly some other code too.

I do not recommend using unless you absolutely have the first three EPs (Uni, NL, OFB required!). If you do so without those EPs, do at your own risk, but if it does work, please report back to this thread!


Each object comes with two color options for the food, and one color option for the shelf. The bread has a choice of white or wheat (wheat is pictured), and the rolls have a choice of hamburger or hot dog (hamburger is pictured).

Both objects are fairly simple to recolor! The food and shelf can both be recolored, as long as my policy is followed.

Sorry, there are no shadows for these objects. I did not like the way the shadows were appearing against the back wall and along the ground, so I did away with them. You may personally modify this to suit your tastes, as long as this modification is for personal use only!


Do not clone.
Recolors allowed.
Recolors permitted for upload on free sites, link to credit.
Inclusion with lots permitted on free sites only.
No recolors or lots including the object(s) on pay sites, or as part of donation sets.
No redistribution allowed, except with lots on free sites.
Link to this thread for credit for all lots and recolors.
Do not upload to the Exchange!


As you can see, the displays are a bit intensive.

Compare the meshes to Maxis "VeggiStuff Produce Bin"

Faces- 1505
Vertices - 1012

As it was originally made for my own personal use, due to wanting a bit more realism, I tried to add as much to the shelves as possible. If enough requests are made, I will create a smaller version, however, the shelves will not appear as full.

Polygon Counts:
Shelf: Faces - 84 - Vertices - 165

Bread: Faces - 924 - Vertices - 1320

Rolls: Faces - 1288 - Vertices - 1518

Additional Credits:
Maxis, SimPE, CEP, Wings3D, UVMapper

MTS2 and its inhabitants for all of the wonderful tutorials and help.

The creators and maintainers of all the great programs used in object creation.