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Recolours of free Peggy hair

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2007 at 1:34 PM
Updated: 24th Apr 2007 at 12:23 AM
I liked last week's free Peggy hair, but I didn't like the bow in the back. That's why I made a couple recolours without the bow. That is, I left the bow for toddlers and children, as it is fetching for them. I just changed the colours of some of them. Of course with Peggy's kind permission.

I changed the textures a bit, too. I reduced the shine and the black hair is actually black, not blue.
Since not every elder gets grey hair, elders won't be grey with this hair, but have a few pretty grey streaks. The blond hair will just be even lighter.

The black, mahogany, red and blond hair are colour binned. Hope I got that right, that was my first try. But it works fine in my game. If you come across any problems or the elder colours don't show up properly, please tell me.

Don't forget to download the mesh, it's in the free female hair section at Peggysims. The original files are the numbers 0190 through 0197 (they all have the mesh included).

I'll take requests if someone would like to have another recolour of this hair.

I hope you like and please don't forget to push the button if you download - it doesn't hurt and it does't cost anything, I promise.

Policy: I only own the recolours, but I like credit all the same. So if you upload a sim with any of my creations, please give credit to me and, you know, don't provide the mesh with the colours. No upload to paysites!
Don't upload to the Exchange and never claim something as your own that you didn't make yourself!

Additional Credits:
Colour binning tool for SimPE