Partial Homework Credit

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2007 at 11:48 PM
Updated: 27th Jun 2009 at 11:38 PM - Compatibility info
UPDATE 6/27/09
Per information from dickhurts, apparently the NL version of the mod is AL compatible contrary to what I reported before.

UPDATE 9/3/08
This version is not Apartment Life compatible. This may or may not be updated.

UPDATE 3/12/08
The NL version should work with everything from NL through Free Time.

UPDATE 9/11/07
Per hackdiff, the NL version should work in all expansions up through Bon Voyage.

Are you tired of the fact that all sim kids are either on the honor roll or hauled off by social wokers? Me too.

This mod gives kids credit for partially completed homework. When the kid comes home from school, any old homework is graded based on % complete: for example 0% is an F, 50% is a C, and 100% is an A+. It adjusts the student's overall grade based on the homework grade and student mood, then destroys the old homework.

You can see the example in the screenshots attached. Yoshi goes to school with an A- and 36% of his homework complete. His grade drops to a B+ and the homework is gone so it won't affect his grade anymore.

Grades will generally change by only 1-2 levels per day, say from a C- to a C+. The larger the difference between overall grade and homework grade, the larger the change. The largest change you might possibly see would be an A+ student who doesn't do his homework and goes to school in a terrible mood. He could see his grade drop as much as 5 levels to a B-.

It's OK to drop this mod into an existing house, even with multiple old homeworks around. If it finds several old homeworks belonging that that student, it takes the one with the highest completion % to figure the grade, then sets all of them to disappear. After the first day, only the current homework will be around.

INSTALLATION: Download the -BaseGame version if you are using the base game or University only. Download the -NL version if you are using any expansion packs from Nightlife through FreeTime.

Unzip the file you download and put the package file in your Downloads directory or any subdirectory under Downloads

COMPATIBILITY: The -BaseGame version works with base game only or base+University. The -NL version works with any combination of expansions from Nightlife through FreeTime. There is no Apartment Life compatible version at this time.

This mod works fine as a standalone mod, but also works quite nicely with my Harder Homework mod.

*Won't work with syberspunk's Harder Harder Grades mod
*Has no effect on Inge Jones' school desk since it creates its own homework object which uses its own copy of the grade routines (and its own partial credit).
*Will work with twojeff's School Bus - Bring Friend Dialog hack
*Apparently works with Homework Sometimes (either his version or Jenflower's original), though I haven't tested that one myself

Please don't post this mod anywhere except MTS2. You are welcome to use my work in your own mods as long as you give me credit.

Thanks go to the SimPE team (including the oft-overlooked Peter Jones) plus special thanks to syberspunk, as his Harder Harder Grades mod was an inspiration for this.