Realism Galore! - 4 Eye Sets - 2 Defaults

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Uploaded: 1st May 2007 at 6:11 PM
Updated: 14th Jul 2007 at 8:15 AM - added defaults
Edit: I'm featured!!? *checks the date so it's not April 1st again, then faints from the shock*

Hi! ^_^

So, I'm back trying to make realistic looking eyes... Yeah, I just won't give it up
This time it resulted in four new sets that I feel pretty happy with.
I still don't have that "this is it" feeling, but I'm very, very pleased with how the sclera looks. (It's the same for all four eye sets)

I was going to do them in one post, but I changed my mind because the eyes are not much alike, but then this morning I saw that my posts had been rejected for spamming... Oops... Next time, I'll go with option A. please
Sorry Mods!

Anyway... these are called Adventure, Gleam, Precious and Secret.

Added Secret Deafults!!! Thanks to the lovely Dewshine, who made me a 'Defaulting for Dummies' guide, I've finally learned to make defaults!!! It is a happy day indeed.
If you don't want these eyes as your defaults, stay away from the zip file named SecretEyesDefaults Easy huh!
Added Adventure Defaults! And switched ugly "front" picture, lol
Added (hopefully) fixed version of Adventure Defaults. If you had problem, please re-download ^^

If you already have another set of defaults in your game, remember to remove those first.
These defaults works for me, but let me know if they don't for you. The default colours are the five bottom ones, to the far right, in the pic with all the colours.

Hope you like at least one of them! Please take a look at my profile for my policy etc.
And leave a comment if you want to make me happy