Metal hand accessory... and handless outfits!

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Uploaded: 6th May 2007 at 5:48 AM
Updated: 6th May 2007 at 5:57 AM by The_French_Sim
Hi everybody!

This is my first bodyshop set, as I'm more of an object maker. Now why did I create that? I was just sick of seeing one of my favourite sims, the obnoxious Sg'glu, magically grow back her left hand when she changed her clothes...

So here is my metal hand accessory (230 faces), directly extracted from the mad scientist outfit and wearable by just anyone. It works better for YAs to Elders though! It's also compatible with other accessories, stays on all the time, has the original texture, washes your laundry, does your homework and is environment-friendly. (the Tooltip in the makeover screen is Metal hand (of doom!))

I have also included at least one clothing item with no left hand for every clothing category, and one extra top for the casual one. Weirder items are also available in the FemaleMeshes_More and FemaleWeirder archives.

Important note!
For some reason, the accessory doesn't seem to be compatible with the game's alien skintone. You may need to change your alien's skintone to a custom one using SimPE to let them wear it.

Also, you need the Seasons EP for the outerwear to be selectable, duh.

Feel free to recolour (but please give credit) or make more meshes with the left hand missing. And please don't upload this on any paysite or the Exchange, or Sg'glu will come for you. Is that clear?


Polygon Counts:
All these meshes are Maxis ones with less polys, except for the spiky dress (1874 polys).

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of SimPE and the PJSE tools, and to Tig, who explained the latter to me. It's a life saver!
Also, thanks to Kavar from the Weirdo zone for the spiky dress, bubbligirl for the skull undies/bikini, Manzanita88 for the trikini and vectorlover for the sci-fi suits