"Independent Expressions" - Expansion Set - PART II - UPD 06/Dec/07: New Meshes!

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Uploaded: 6th May 2007 at 3:56 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2009 at 3:46 PM - Fixed images'url
3-4 Tiles Windows - Expansion set for the "Independent Expressions Inc."
Compatible with any EP and the BASE GAME

Get all the items to complete the whole set.
"Independent Expressions" - Expansion Set - PART I
"Independent Expressions" - Expansion Set - PART III
"Independent Expressions" - Expansion Set - DOORS and ARCH

Update 06 Dec. 07 - New Meshes
As a request from TwirlyGirly, I have made these new meshes because is NOT possible to build 3 windows in the middle of 4 or 6 wall panels without a space in-between: the only way is to have a 3 tiles window that is placed on 4 tiles.

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Four new meshes "3 tiles centered on 4 tiles" for the Independent Expressions set: PrivacyWindow, Window with Standard height. Tall Window and Tall Window with double chequered frame.

These new windows do NOT have the diagonal shapes that would be too long.

The new archive is ML_IndependentExpressions_3Tiles_Centered.rar, available in the download attachments.
The new files are also added inside the archive ML_IndependentExpressions_3-4Tiles_ALL.rar and in the both collection files.
I hope that, now, this set is really finished
Update 29 Aug. 07 - Collections Files
Updated the Collections files: residential and community with the doors and arch.
You'll find them in the archive IndependentExpressionsCollections.rar
Update 19 Aug. 07 - Collections Files
Added the Collections files: residential and community
You'll find them in the archive IndependentExpressionsCollections.rar

Update 16-Aug-07- BUG FIXED!
The meshes of some windows were slightly defective: now this problem has been fixed.
Once installed the new files, all the windows existing in your lots will be automatically updated: no need to manually change anything.

Update 22-June-07- BUG FIXED!
I have checked that the "diffuse" lights of the 3 tiles windows do NOT work without OFB.
Now the problem is fixed. The "diffuse" lights now work fine also without OFB.
Please, re-download.


3 and 4 tiles windows in three different shapes to expand, and complete, the original Maxis' windows "Independent Expressions Inc."

- 3 Tiles Privacy Window.
- 3 Tiles Window with Standard height.
- 3 Tiles Tall Window.

All the 3 Tiles windows have the automatic diagonal that show up when you put a window on a diagonal wall.
The diagonal meshes seem to be like..........the 4 tiles one........
This thing has been made of intention, is not an error.

- 4 Tiles Privacy Window.
- 4 Tiles Window with Standard height.
- 4 Tiles Tall Window.

The 4 tiles windows do NOT have the diagonal because is tool long to have it.

In Game usage

Extract the packages from the rar archives and put them in the Downloads folder (use an archive program, or the Q-Xpress auto-installer)
You'll find the elements in the Build Mode catalog - Windows, as usally.

All these elements borrow the textures from the original "Indipendent Epressions Inc." window therefore, if you want to recolour them just create a recolour for the originale window.
Use Object Workshop and create a recolour for the Window - 2 Tile - Plate Glass, that is the master of the entire set.
Your recolor will apply to all the orginal windows and to all these new elements.
Every recolour for the original window that you may already have will be automatically available for the all the new shapes.

You can found my other shapes ( 1 and 2 tiles) to expand and complete this set HERE

All these windows have been created using my Enhanced Templates for Windows

Licence Agreement
The items can be included in lots posted ONLY on free sites (NOT EXCHANGE!!!) no paysite, as long as credits are given to MaryLou and a link to this page is provided.
If anyone is interested in creating recolours, they can be posted anywhere (even paysites) but NOT INCLUDING the meshes: on the contrary, a link to the meshes on this page must be provided.

Polygon Counts:
The polygon count is different according with the shape.
vertices: from a minim 883 to a maximum 1174
faces: from a minim 462 to a maximum 600

Additional Credits:
Maxis: For the original "Indipendent Epressions Inc." windows.