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BodyShop Mechanic [Updated March 14 2009]

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Uploaded: 9th May 2007 at 12:21 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 9:11 PM by Nysha

BodyShop Mechanic v .36B by Dr Pixel

Released March 14, 2009

Bodyshop Mechanic is Copyrighted 2006 - 2009 and is not to be distributed on other sites.

NEW! Added a Rename/Copy section to make it easy to handle your finished
Bodyshop package files.

NEW! Updated the Remove Projects section.

See the Help Manual for full details.

Bodyshop Mechanic works with any combination of expansions and stuff-packs.

This program is for Windows users only. No other files are necessary, if you can play The Sims2 game on your Windows computer, it should work for you.

It uses a standard Windows installer, and includes a complete Help manual.

BodyShop Mechanic is a simple program that gives you a little better control of the BodyShop program that comes with the Sims2 game, and lets you easily control many useful user-created Bodyshop enhancements.

It will NOT work with the pre-release version of BodyShop, only with the versions that are installed along with the game itself.

You can:

Choose the size of the BodyShop window (800 x 600 - or - 1024 x 768)

Get BodyShop to re-create it's thumbnails. This is useful if you have some bad thumbnails in BodyShop. This will not fix the bad thumbnails unless you have corrected the problem that caused them - most often this is a missing mesh file, or a flawed mesh edit.

Remove old BodyShop projects that are cluttering up the Projects list.
This will not harm your finished projects, once you have imported them into the game the project files are no longer needed and are wasting space and causing BodyShop to load slowly.

Remove any unwanted project folders - these are also not needed after you have imported them into the game.

Hide The SavedSims and/or the Downloads folders from Bodyshop.

Change the background picture/color used in BodyShop at any time.

For the background picture you can choose any bmp, jpg, or png image you have, of any size. You have the option to tile or resize the image to fill the whole Bodyshop window.


You can also easily control several user-created Bodyshop add-ons:

You can change the lighting brightness using Wes Howe's enhanced lighting files.

You can change the default "hands on hips" mannequin pose to any one of many available user-created poses. There are instructions included for creating your own pose files if you like.

You can control Windkeeper's Bodyshop Enhancement files. These are the default screen replacements, the mannequin skintone replacements, and the invisible undies for skintone creators.

The help manual has complete instructions and download links for all these files.


The "Run Bodyshop" button will start Bodyshop with the chosen settings.

You will still be able to change the background while BodyShop is running.

All other features can only be used when BodyShop is not running, and will be disabled while BodyShop is running.


That's all there is for now, I hope you find it useful.

Dr Pixel