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14 Crow Road - Starter Home with Swimming Pool - §18,069

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Uploaded: 9th May 2007 at 11:28 PM
LOT NAME: 14 Crow Road
PRICE: $18,069
CUSTOM CONTENT: six floors and two wall coverings by myself (included in zip file)


A nice little single storey starter home in two tone brown. The house has two unfurnished double bedrooms, one furnished bathroom (includes bath/shower combo, expensive toilet, sink and mirror), a furnished kitchen (oven, sink, counters, fridge, smoke alarm, dining table and chairs included), and a partially furnished living area (sofa, coffee table, TV and stereo included). I've also included a wall phone and burglar alarm.

The lot also features a driveway, and comes complete with a swimming pool including pool lights, a diving board and a pool ladder. There's also room for a hot tub or outdoor seating at the back of the house.

I have all the expansions and I think that you’ll need them all too for the lot to work in your game. (I'm really rubbish at remembering which items/walls/floors belong to which expansion pack – I think it’s possible that the lot would work without Pets, but I'm not sure. If someone wants to try it and let me know, please feel free)

The lot is totally hack free!

Comments are very welcome, and if you like the house please don’t forget to say thanks

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 18069

Custom Content by Me:
- This wonderful biege slate floor tile has the essence of expensive oysters at a fraction of the price.By lexiconfusion 2006 
- This tile is sure to make your friends green with envy.By lexiconfusion 2006 
- Who would have thought that broken bits of stone would have made such an attractive flooring?By lexiconfusion 2006 
- A lovely slate tile from France, with just a hint of vanilla.By lexiconfusion 2006 
- This ebony wood flooring was made of materials imported from Africa - would you believe it!?By lexiconfusion 2006 
- Made from old jeans, this carpet is perfect for Sims on a budget.By lexiconfusion 2006 
- It's earthy, it's creamy - it's earthen cream!By lexiconfusion 2006 
- Tough and durable paint with a tile border. Matches "Green Diamond" floor tile.By lexiconfusion 2006