Nouk - 1600 Baroque Hair Mesh Re-Alpha, -Color and -Textures! (Black recolor fixed)

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Uploaded: 15th May 2007 at 7:27 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2013 at 1:53 PM - Black recolor fixed
Nouk - 1600 Baroque Hair Mesh Re-Alpha, -Color and -Textures!

Please download the new black recolor 'Nouk - Sussi Text Alph - GipsyBlack FIXED for redownload.rar' if you have allready downloaded all the recolors.

Please download the file 'Nouk - Sussi Baroque Hair Mesh Recolors.rar' if you have not downloaded anything yet, the black file is fixed in this version.

The mesh is by our lovely SussiSoGoodSims and it used to be a pay mesh. But, Sussi has retired, and has allowed the upload of this mesh without any textures or alpha's to be fair to those who paid for it.

The mesh came without any alpha's or textures, and I thought I'd provide some kind of base for other creators who don't want to/can't make the alpha, to recolor.

Binned except one fantasy color, all ages.

These are recolors/retextures/realpha's! No mesh included!
You need the mesh MESH HERE to make these show up!

*The model will not be uploaded.
*The make-up is from Helaene and Bruno.
*The clothes are from Stylist Sims.
*The eyes are from Schuldig Seiben
*Further questions will not be answered, because I have no idea.

Please recolor and retexture at least 4000 times, but link to this thread and the original thread where the mesh is at!


Additional Credits:
Sussi, who created the mesh!