The "Gustavian" Set - Chairs, beds, tables... New meshes

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Uploaded: 17th May 2007 at 6:34 PM
Updated: 30th May 2007 at 9:31 PM
May I tempt you with a little touch of Swedish 18th century?

This is my new furniture set, inspired by the 18th century decorating style we today refer to as "Gustavian" (after king Gustav III who ruled Sweden between 1771-1792).

The Gustavian style is defined by simplicity and functionality. The colours are light; off-white, eggshell or light grey and the blue-and-white checkpattern is very typical for the era.

This style is still appreciated to this day. The classic lines fit in well even in a 21th century home, but since originals are hard to come by, and very, very expensive if you should be so lucky, reproductions made with the same, old methods as the orginals can be obtained from devoted craftsmen.

Where was I?

Right, about this set...

It's compatible with all EP:s as well as the base game alone EXCEPT for the large 2X2 diningtable that requires Nightlife.

We have:

a dining chair and a living chair

a double posterbed

a sofa

a decorative canopy to put above beds or sofas (using moveobjects on)

a single bed and an endtable

a diningtable 1X1

a diningtable 2X2 (requires Nightlife)

Recolours are included in the .rar-files. The furniture are white by default - the recolours are light grey, as seen in the pictures.

Some of the objects are a bit poly-high. I'm sorry, still trying to learn how to do things right


You may include recolour and meshes with your lots. A mention of me or my site somewhere with your upload would be nice, though...


Recolour all you want. You can include these meshes with your recolours. PM me if you want UV maps with instructions.

Please report any oddness! I haven't noticed anything but all games seem to be different.

r8 hi an gimme beans plz!!!

Polygon Counts:
Posterbed: 5872
Sofa: 2550
Canopy: 1550
Large diningtable: 2302
Endtable: 443
Single bed: 2296
Small diningtable: 2480
Dining chair: 964
Living chair: 2532

Additional Credits:
Credit goes to RGiles and Numenor for the CEP, Miche, Delphy and Quaxi for SimPE, Wes_H for the Milkshape plug-ins, and a lot of thanks and credits go to the MTS2 staff who helps us newbs out in the creators' forums.

Credit for inspiration, textures and stuff goes to these cool sites as well:
Vårt Svenska Rum
Epok Design
Château d'Cor
Durán Textiles