Sims 2 +Outbreak+: Alyssa and Yoko

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Uploaded 22nd May 2007 at 3:34 AM · Updated 23rd May 2007 at 11:39 PM by BeingNectarine

Hello, everyone! Nectarine here and I'm back with more Resident Evil Skins! This time I've decided to simify the cast of one of my favorite games, the obscure cult online game, Resident Evil Outbreak.

In this upload, there are two sims. This one features the witty and outspoken journalist, Alyssa Ashcroft; and the intelligent, yet, introverted university student, Yoko Suzuki.

As you can see, they're ready for some rest after their long adventures in the zombie plagued streets of Raccoon City. But you know, if you need them for some more zombie fighting or you just think they're plain old cute, then grab 'em and plop 'em down somewhere so they can take action.

I spent a few hours on those outfits, so be sure to either criticize or appreciate them.

Yoko's skin is a slightly edited version of Louis' Sexy Light 06 skin.


The hair mesh and texture for Alyssa is found on page 61 of Peggysims2's free female hairs. It is the blond one on the top; hair 0121.

Yoko's backpack is using an accessories mesh by generalzoi which can be found on the link below. The mesh is called "Booksack".

Thanks as always to Louis for the LOVELY skins. They are simply amazing.

- Nectarine

Custom Content by Me:
- Alyssa
- Gazing Eyes [Ice Blue]
- Alyssa's Suit (Nectarine)
- Yoko
- Yoko Bangs (Nectarine)
- Yoko's Knapsack (General Zoi Recolor)
- Yoko's Outfit (Nectarine)

Custom Content Included:
- helaene - new year brows - 3 by helaene
- helaene - soft blush - 2 by Helaene
- helaene - 1225 shadow - tan by Helaene
- helaene - june lashes - brown by helaene
- helaene - just kissed - mauve by helaene
- {Light} [email protected] by Ren
- helaene - subtle brows - 6 by Helaene @
- KSK - Real Sclera Real Eye by Knightskykyte
- helaene - 901 lips - moonstruck by helaene
- Yoko (Nectarine/Louis) by Louis

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