Almost Medieval Cloaks - Black Wool With Silver Buckle

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Hello nice people!

I noticed a small lack of outerwear for medieval sims, so I made a small contribution to what will probably become a large flood of outerwear. They will only show up in outerwear and outerwear requires Seasons EP.

These are 4 black wool cloaks with a realistic medieval silver mantle buckle for every age, toddler to elder. Unfortunately they have sleeves, a real medieval cloak or mantle should not have that, but the good news is that the sleeves have a medieval pattern at the end that looks nice. The colored sleeve ends come in four different colors: red, green, blue and brown.

You need these meshes for the cloak to show up in your game:

- For the young adult, adult and elder cloak you need a mesh by mia86 here @MTS2, that works for young adults, adults and elders at the same time! Download "" from here:

- The teen cloak needs a mesh from the same gal, mia86. Download
"" from here:

- The child cloak needs a mesh by, surprise; mia86! Download "" from here:

- The toddler cloak uses a Maxis mesh to my knowledge, so you shouldn't need no mesh!

Hope you like!

More medieval outerwear - made by others!

It's not always easy to find what you are looking for, so I want to share with you the medieval outerwear I have managed to find so far!

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Additional Credits:

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