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Weatherproof (!) A-Frame for Basegame Families

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Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2007 at 11:50 AM
Updated: 29th Oct 2008 at 8:17 AM - updated file
This a pretty and unusual alternative for the sim couple looking to start a family, or for a group house. It has plenty of potential, both indoors and out, for a price that leaves first-home buyers with a little in their pockets for extras.

The protected entry gives a cosy welcome to guests, who then step into the open-plan living area. The dining table is nestled in a corner near the kitchen, and the stairs are tucked away at the back. A mini-hall separates the public areas from the bedroom side of the house.

Living areas and bathroom are on the ground floor, as well as two large bedrooms, one with ensuite. Upstairs you will find a spacious area for entertaining, with its own bathroom, or you can add partitions to create more private spaces. There is a balcony under the roofline, overlooking the front entrance.

The decor is calm, in tones of blue and caramel. Natural light is sufficient even in the middle of the house, with big windows set at the outside walls and careful placement of rooms. Very basic furnishings are provided for a young couple, including a bookcase to get them started in life. The garden is just waiting for the magic touch of a keen landscaper. The lot is medium-sized, so there is room to express your creative side, but not too much upkeep.

The furnishings are Maxis, and all new. The only custom items included are the Carina spotlight stairs, which look great and help to light up the house, and the nostalgic glass doors by Windkeeper.

The house design is convenient to play, with no need to swivel the camera view to see what is happening in different parts of the house. If the family is small, there is also no need to switch between floors, unless they are having a party!

I only have the base game, so the lot is guaranteed to work without EP's. Enjoy!


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 19, 667 (Seasons version - 18, 719)

Additional Credits:
Numenor's and Chrissy6930's Carina Spotlight Stairs http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=195622

Lafenetre Glass Doors by Windkeeper

Many, many thanks to these creators, and to MTS2.

Update 13/6/2007 - I have (hopefully) weatherproofed the house now. I would appreciate feedback from somoene with Seasons, as to whether it is really fixed.

The fixed house has slightly different furnishings, and I have added a new screenshot of the renovation. It has also been lived in for a Sim-week, so it comes out cheaper - only $18, 719, and snow-free! The furniture is new.